Your idea of a perfect evening would be sharing a hearty and delicious meal with everybody you love. Having dinner with family and friends is not just a formality for you, it is something you truly enjoy doing. When it comes to cooking you love getting creative in the kitchen, and you want to create dishes that your family will remember forever. If you’re looking to create recipes to stop your family reaching for the snack tin, you’re in exactly the right spot. For hearty, delicious and memorable meals consider some of the ideas mentioned below.

Interesting Oatmeal

If you are in charge of serving up a quick and delicious family breakfast, then why not create an interesting and unique twist on oatmeal? Using a slow cooker fill up the basin with whole milk and organic rolled oats. Mix in some raisins, orange zest and chocolate chips and your family will be racing back for second helpings of your oatmeal dish!

Cool Casseroles

It’s no secret that a casserole is a family favorite; it is the perfect dish to share at a large dinner with loved ones. Not only is it warm and appetizing, but you can fill it with delicious local ingredients to add your own twist to any recipe. You are bound to impress your guests with this classic cheesy potato casserole, so explore this idea if you are looking for a hearty family favorite to share with your loved ones!

Crowd-Pleasing Frittata

If you have never made a frittata for your friends and family, now is the perfect time to try it out! Simply whisk up a dozen eggs and add a whole host of vegetables into a frying pan. Pour in your whisked eggs and put the frying pan in the oven to bake. Top with caramelized onions and a sprinkle of grated mature cheddar cheese for a delicious lunch time treat!

Pitta Bread Pizzas

Pitta bread pizzas are the perfect dinner time treat for everyone in the family. Not only are they a healthy twist on a family favorite, but you can personalize them as much as you like. You may want to get creative and try a whole host of brand new pizza toppings you’ve never experienced before. Try combining a barbecue base with sweetcorn, chicken and red onion for a unique and delicious pitta bread pizza!

Mouth-Watering Sponge Cake

Dessert will always be the aspect of a meal that everyone looks forward to. A classic vanilla sponge cake filled with jam will always bring a smile to your family’s faces, especially when it is served with warm custard!

As long as your family enjoys every single bite of your cooking, you will feel well accomplished as the chef. Whether you are cooking up a brunch with your nearest and dearest or you’re creating a dinner time feast for your extended family, the ideas mentioned above will always be crowd pleasers. Remember that the process of cooking for people you love should be exciting and enjoyable; don’t put too much pressure on yourself and absorb every fun moment of the process!