The old saying “it’s as easy as taking candy away from a baby” clearly never tried to take candy away from a child on Halloween.  Judging from my experience taking candy away from a baby or child is never easy, it’s almost as bad as taking a bone away from your dog!

I know with Halloween fast approaching many parents are wondering how to avoid the inevitable sugar rush from kids devouring way too much candy.  Not to mention wondering how they can make sure the kids brush properly after chewing on sticky caramel, gummy bears and other sweet treats.

I can’t tell you how to make sure your kids don’t over indulge this season, but I can give you some tips on how I dealt with it the past years with my kids and grand kids.  There’s really no one way to deal with it unless you completely ban Halloween in your house, even then school age kids will get treats from school friends.

Here are a four suggestions that you may find useful.

1.   Keep Halloween candy out of the house.  Instead of giving trick-or-treaters more candy pass out “treat certificates” or little Halloween toys from Walmart.  Participating  McDonald’s and Wendy’s are selling treat booklets for $1 until October 31.

2.  When you return from trick-or-treating help kid’s sort out their Halloween “loot”.  In my house we tossed out treats that were pure sugar such as pixie sticks, sugar coated bubble gum, and the like.  We  also tossed anything that we construed as “unsafe” – this is a broad category and allowed us to toss about half of the candy.

3.  Allow your kids to “gorge” on candy that one night or if you can get them to wait until the next day.  When ever you decide their “pig out time” set a time when they can eat all the safe candy they want, maybe a half hour or so.  When that time is done, that’s it, toss the rest of the candy then make sure they brush their teeth well.  This trick was given to me by the dentist,  It eliminates the need to police tooth brushing time every time they eat the candy.

4.  Offer fun healthy alternatives to candy during the Halloween season.  With a bit of imagination you can transform everyday healthy snacks into fun Halloween treats.  Here’s a few ideas to get you started.  Remember, presentation is everything!

Carrot Finger Food from Natural Organica Latina.


Fruit Spiders from Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons


Apple Monster Mouths from Free N Fun Halloween


Jack-O-Lantern Fruit Cups from Taste of Home


Cheese and Pretzel Witches’ Brooms from Cocinando Con Catman.


Quick and Easy Pumpkin Lunch from Clean and Scentsible


Clementine Pumpkins from family frugal fun


Mummy Dogs from Sugar & Spice by Celeste