This Instructable shows one how to make a fully functional hammock in under 5 minutes with household supplies.

Steps DIY Hammock in 5 Minutes

Step 1: Materials

Hammock in 5 Minutes

Sheet (twin)
knife (Or anything that cuts)
10 feet of rope.


Step 2: Preparing the Sheet

Preparing the Sheet - Hammock in 5 MinutesPreparing the Sheet - Hammock in 5 Minutes

cut the sheet in half lengthwise, or at about 2 1/2 ft from the edge if its not a twin.


Step 3: Tying the Rope.

Tying the Rope.
Tying the Rope.Tying the Rope.

cut the rope in half, and tie each piece to the ends of the sheet using the sheet-bend knot.  will show you how, if you don’t know.


Step 4: Finishing


the last step: tie to a tree and relax.
Note- it may look incredibly thin, but it will widen when your in it.

There are few experiences more restful than relaxing over a summer’s afternoon — as the sun bakes well-being in your soul — inside the cradling arms of your good hammock. Of course, the swinging lounges can be quite expensive. But, if you possibly could scrounge some ten to twenty hours of labor some time and you could somewhat be in a position to tie a netted slumber nest of your own.

At now you must flip the gauge stick over so the shuttle cord hangs for the left side (you’ll work from left to right on each row). Then muster up just a little courage and retrieve the stick, letting the loops dangle free. Now, contain the gauge with your left hand, slightly below the work, bring the shuttle as well as cord down in front, up behind and with the first cast-on (not starter) loop, and down in front from the stick again. Pinch the twine along with your thumb, create a half hitch across the two strands with the first cast-on loop, and carry the shuttle down and across the gauge stick again. This time, pass the shuttle over the second cast-on loop, and continue as before. Repeat the process through each cast-on loop consequently, ensuring to maintain the project even. (This initial row can be a pain inside neck, but don’t allow it reach you. If you persevere, the task will — honest! — get easier afterwards.)

Soon each of the cord in your shuttle will probably be used. Reload, and knot the free end in the new twine to that particular of the previous cord, using a square or weaver’s knot.

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