Scare up a ghoulishly good time with our classic Halloween Party. We’ve incorporated all the iconic elements, such as bats, witch hats and scary houses, then combined them with a traditional color scheme of orange and black. Pops of polka dots and purple keep things whimsical.


This party will walk you through the planning process from the invitation to the party favors that are sure to thrill all the ghoulies and ghosties at your party.


Batty Halloween Party Invitations

Give these Orange and Black Dots Personalized Invitations even more Halloween personality by adding a Black Bat Sticker. Format the invitation details to include a space large enough for the sticker then attach using foam adhesive for a lifted effected.

Halloween invitations can be very simple or elaborate; the only limit is your imagination! If you have the time to make your own invitations, here are a few ideas you can try:

  • Ghost Invitation – Place a white handkerchief out on a table, and write the invitation information in a spiral around the edges, making sure to leave the center white. When done, wrap the handkerchief around a lollipop (written side out). Fasten with a ribbon or rubber band at the neck of the lollipop, and dot two eyes with a black felt tip marker. Send your ghost invitation in a padded envelope.
  • Pumpkin Invitation – Punch a hole in the corner of a card-style invitation, and tie it with black or orange string to a mini pumpkin (available at most grocery stores). Hand-deliver each guest’s invitation.
  • Candy Invitation – Hide card-style invitations in small jars filled with candy corn. (Pickle jars or small jelly jars work well.) Hand-deliver your invitations to each guest.

Batty Halloween Party Decorations

This Black Bats Tablecover is the perfect jumping off point for all the eerie decorations. Layer it over a Black Polka Dots Tablecover for even more pizzazz.

The best way to make a big impact is to combine a bunch of decorative elements together in one place where the guests will mingle. A backdrop behind the buffet table will leave a lasting impression on the party atendees- they can admire your handiwork while they nibble and chat.

  • For an easy and inspirational backdrop, use this Trick or Treat Stand In. (TIP: tape the included moon photo prop to the backside for a quick decorative addition.)
  • Assemble and hang multiple Paper Fans and ruffled Crepe Streamers to frame the tabletop.
  • Add height and more hauntingly fun detail by flanking the haunted house backdrop with hand-cut foam core tree silhouettes.
  • Transform Mini Black Paper Fans into flying bats by simply attaching hand cut poster board wings to the backside. Hang using monofilament.

Set a stunning and interesting table by layering multiple patterns together.

  • Orange striped wrapping paper becomes an easy table runner when centered over a Black Polka Dots Tablecover.
  • Convert these cute Mini Witch Party Hats into place cards by inserting Orange and Black Dots Personalized Cupcake Picks.
  • Place hat name cards atop a Black Bat Dessert Plate then slip an open Black Bats Luncheon Napkin under each set of layered plates- shop all Black Bat tableware here.
  • Finish each place setting with a Black Bats Plastic Cup, Black Striped Paper Straw, Orange Luncheon Napkin and Black Utensils- shop all solid tableware here.

Batty Halloween Party Food

Gather all the orange and black food items you can. Keeping the color scheme consistent adds greater impact to the tablescape.

  • Print jack-o-lantern faces on transparency sheets then glue to mandarin orange cups for a healthier snack option.
  • Fill Black Bat Cello Bags with cheese balls.
  • Olives and baby carrots are a perfect fit for the color scheme and are another healthy snack choice for guests.

Of course, there has to be plenty of sweet confection choices at the party. Make the options even more adorable by dressing them up a bit in a thematic way.

  • We wrapped candy bars with Black Luncheon Napkins then added twine ties and candy eyes for quick and cute bats.
  • Witch hat cookies are easy to construct. Top an over-turned fudge striped cookie with a chocolate candy kiss. Use white candy melts as the “glue” and to create the “hat band”.
  • Pop Black Candy Filled Straws into an Orange Metal Bucket for a sweet addition to the table offerings.
  • No one will be able to resists these bat cupcakes. For their faces, use candy melts or stiff frosting to attach candy eyes to mini-crème filled sandwich cookies. The wings are made by removing one side from a regular sized crème filled sandwich cookie and splitting it in half. Set the face first then add the wings behind it.
  • Stacked marshmallows become ghost kabobs once a face is drawn on them with an edible food marker.

Batty Halloween Party Activity

Both little and big guests always enjoy something to do after the food has been devoured and these Halloween Tea Light Lanterns won’t disappoint.

Supply guests with white, orange and lime Plastic Cups, shaped cardstock pieces and battery-operated tea lights. Once they’ve trimmed and glued the cardstock pieces to the cups, have them turn on a tea light and set a decorated cup over it. Viola! An instant and safe lantern. Guests can take their creations home as a party favor.

Batty Halloween Party Favor

Simple cardstock shapes turn Plain Favor Bags into these eerily cute goodie bags and, along with their tea light lanterns, can be gifted to guests upon their departure. The addition of an Orange and Black Dots Personalized Sticker give the bags even more party appeal.

Fill these fabulous faces with fun favors such as Orange and Black Striped Lollipop Sticks, Halloween Punch Balls, Eyeball Plastic Balls, Halloween Neon Glow Sticks and Halloween Character Plastic Puzzle Cubes.