When you are planning a birthday party for your kids, deciding on a theme is the first thing you need to do. A movie theme is perfect because it gives you so many options. You can focus on one specific movie that the kids love, or you could theme it around a big franchise like Marvel or Disney princesses. You could even go for a general Hollywood theme and invite all of the kids to dress up as their favorite movie characters. 

If you think that a movie theme might be right for your next birthday party, here are some great ideas. 

Movie Ticket Invitations

One of the first things you need to do when planning a movie themed birthday party is come up with invitations. You could send out traditional invites but themed invitations are a much better option if you want to get people excited. The good news is, you have a great opportunity for interesting invites; movie tickets! Make some mock-up movie tickets with all of the details of the party. They’ll look great and they fit brilliantly with the theme. 

Make Your Own Movie

If you’re looking for activities for the party, why not make your own movie? It’s a great way for the kids to get creative, learn about how movies work and even express their own creativity. You can buy sets of costume accessories or provide access to costumes if you want to make it more theatrical. Use camera phones or video cameras with any old movie backdrop and encourage people to make their own movie clips. You could also try your hand at some animation and make some stop motion videos too. This guide on how to make a stop motion video will teach you the basics. This is such a fun activity and you can watch all of your movies back at the end of the party.

Add A Red Carpet

Nothing says Hollywood like a red carpet. When you are decorating your home for the party, carefully consider where you will put your red carpet. Ideally, you should have it leading up to the front door when people enter the party. You can then hang some metallic curtains or black and white posters. A good way of making this even more authentic is by attaching names and titles to the backdrops with Blu-Tack so that people feel like they are walking down the official red carpet at a real movie premiere! This is a great way for people to enter the party and get into the spirit of things right away.

Screen A Movie

Screening a movie is another perfect activity for your party. To make it fun, you could ask each child to bring along one of their favorite movies. You can then play them all back to back to create your own movie marathon. This is a great way for the kids to delve into the world of cinema and immerse themselves in what enjoying watching movies is all about. Kids’ parties can get very chaotic and after a few hours, the parents will probably be feeling exhausted. Screening a movie is a good way to get a bit of quiet time and give yourself a chance to clean up a little. 

Movie Themed Snacks

You should have some movie-themed snacks at your party, and popcorn is the obvious choice. If you want to lean into the theme and make it a bit more fun, you should set up a movie theatre-style concession stand where the kids can get their snacks. You could even give them all some fake money when they arrive so they can buy their movie snacks. 

As well as popcorn, why not bake some cupcakes in the design of their favorite movie characters. For example, try these great Lightning Mcqueen cupcakes from Cars. 

Have A Movie-Based Quiz

Finally, you should host a movie-based quiz at the end of your party. You could ask questions about different movies, actors, and actresses or you could ask questions related to general cinema trivia. This is a good activity that the parents can get involved with as well as the kids. However, make sure that you keep the quiz short and sweet because the kids will lose interest fairly soon.

Movie-themed birthday parties are always a big hit with kids and you have a lot of great options. If you want to plan a movie-themed party of your own, these are all great ideas you can try. Just make sure you get plenty of popcorn to go around!