Make Giant bubbles the size of a kiddie pool.

I have always wanted to try these giant kiddie pool bubbles, and this summer we finally did it! If you have never tried it, you must! It is such a blast!


What you need to make giant bubbles in a kiddie pool:

-a hard plastic kiddie pool
-a hula hoop
-the perfect bubble solution

For the Bubble Solution you need:
– 5 Gallons of Water
– 10 Cups of Dawn dish soap (regular not antibacterial)


Helpful tips to make giant bubbles:

– Let this solution sit overnight in the kiddie pool…for some reason this helps.
– The less foam you make, the better your bubbles will be. Too much foam is the enemy to giant bubbles. Try to keep the splashing to a minimal.
-an overcast sort of cloudy day is optimal for these bubbles.

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Don’t forget the bubble beards.

make some bubble beards |

This might be the funnest you will have in your backyard all summer!
Don’t forget to crank your favorite summer soundtrack to add to the fun!

giant bubbles How To -

The air bubbles consist of a film of soapy water filled with air. When you blow bubbles, the film expands outward. The force acting on the molecules in the bubble causes it to form a shape that contains a sphere with one of the largest volume and the smallest area. This is why every shape becomes round. Create your own bubble mixture. Try different amounts of water, dishwashing liquid (dishwashing liquid) and glycerin, and get the perfect formula, then try adding a little corn flour to make it stronger!

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