Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  Whether you’re hosting family and friends at your home, or going over to grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving dinner you still have lots of things to do before Turkey Day.

I know at my house this means lots of cooking and baking.
Friends and family are looking forward to the Thanksgiving Feast we prepare every year!

Things can get pretty hectic at our house and the last thing I need is to make frantic runs to the store to grab a missing ingredient.  There’s nothing more frustrating than running out of sugar or flour in the middle of making a pumpkin pie!

This week, before I start any baking or cooking, I’ll be stocking my kitchen with all the ingredients I will need.  It’s a good time to check the linen closets and bathroom cabinets too, specially if you’re expecting folks over during the holidays.  Make sure you have enough towels, bedding, and toiletries to go around.

So that I don’t forget anything I make lists.  I’m big on lists and have lots of them, menus, guest lists, calendars, and most of all shopping lists!

Here’s a free printable list to help you shop this holiday season.  Go thru your pantry, linen closets, etc. and add what you need to buy.  I like to keep a blank list on my fridge door.  I add things I’ll need as I remember them!  And don’t forget to grab the list before you head out to the stores!

To print this blank list click here!