Fun Thanksgiving Activities For Kids

Nov 2, 2020 | Corner, DIY Crafts, DIY Holiday Crafts, DIY Projects, FREE Patterns, FREE Printables, Thanksgiving

These fun Thanksgiving activities for kids include crafts for 2 year olds, preschoolers and elementary aged children, Thanksgiving sensory bins, crafts, coloring pages, turkey themed ideas and more.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that may not get as much attention from kids. It is getting together with family to eat but also much more. There is meaning behind the food filled holiday and can be a fantastic focus for activities. I have included some of my favorite activities that I have found that center around Thanksgiving, turkeys, the may flower and being thankful. These Thanksgiving activities include science, sensory, gross motor, math, crafts and literacy. All are activities that kids will enjoy doing this Thanksgiving season!




Whether you are looking for thanksgiving activities for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten students or elementary kids.. this post has you covered!



Thanksgiving Activities For toddlers


Kids will love to watch corn dance. This is a simple science experiment that requires only a few supplies and won’t make too much of a mess!

Corn on the cob is from a plant and can do some magical things with time. This corn experiment looks so much fun to explore and observe!

The Mayflower is an important aspect of Thanksgiving that may easily get forgotten. This is a fantastic experiment and activity that can help you teach kids all about the Mayflower and it’s significance!

Cranberries are often served for Thanksgiving dinner and used as decorations during the Thanksgiving season. What is the big deal? Follow this experiment plan and explore all about cranberries!

Thanksgiving sensory bins

If your kids love slime, this pumpkin slime is a perfect sensory activity for anytime during Fall. It’s ooey gooey feeling plus the addition of pumpkin seeds makes it look even more festive!

Playdough is a classic sensory activity and a perfect base for creating fun Thanksgiving books . It’s a perfect holiday inspired invitation to create!

Sensory bins are a fabulous way to encourage sensory exploration for kids. This Thanksgiving bin is so colorful and could be a fabulous invitation for kids!

thanksgiving games for preschoolers

I love this Thanksgiving craftivity for so many reasons. It includes crafting, recycled materials, can be given as a gift and helps kids think and write about what they are thankful for!

Another craftivity that I am obsessed with is this Sight Word Turkey. If your kids are working on sight words, this turkey activity is excellent. Kids will have practice writing the sight words as well as participating in a Thanksgiving craft.

Emergent readers get so excited when they can create something and actually read it. These printable Thanksgiving books are perfect for your emergent reader to create and read!

Holidays, like Thanksgiving, are the perfect time to do a themed alphabet activity. An alphabet puzzle like Thanksgiving books is fun for kids and the theme may encourage ones who don’t necessarily find super interest in learning the alphabet!

Thanksgiving Activities For kindergarten

Ten Frame Counting Cards are perfect for little ones. These cards can help with number recognition and counting while still having a fun Thanksgiving theme.

Counting has never been so fun or incredibly easy as with this Feed The Turkey game. Little ones, and even big kids, will have so much fun with this activity that takes literally take minutes to make!

Math turned game with this fun Thanksgiving printables. These games will encourage children to practice simple subtraction and addition in a fun and engaging way.

A simple math activity that can be done literally anywhere. This math activity can help toddlers and preschoolers with simple counting.

Thanksgiving Activities For Kids: Science, Sensory, Gross Motor, Literacy, Math and Crafts.


I totally enjoy when crafts that my kids can make can be used over and over for years to come, just as these Turkey Leaf Luminaries. These would also make excellent gifts!

Wearable crafts are so much fun. Kids will love to make and wear this Thanksgiving books and how sweetly cute it is!

A super cute fantastic experiment using materials you may have around your house. Kids can customize their own turkey feathers to match their personality!

This fantastic experiment is one of the coolest because it is also edible. This would be fun to decorate, give to friends or neighbors or just make to eat!

printable thanksgiving crafts


I love these printable thank you cards!

These adorable place mats are perfect for Thanksgiving dinner prep or an activity that can be done while dinner is being prepared.

Using pattern blocks is not only an excellent math activity but perfect for strengthening fine motor skills. These Thanksgiving themed printable pattern block mats are so fun!

Tracing words is one of the first steps to help kids learn letter recognition, formation and handwriting. Print these Thanksgiving Word and Picture Tracing and help your kids with their prewriting skills!

Most kids love spending time with I Spy games. This Thanksgiving I Spy printable is perfect for Thanksgiving day!

thanksgiving crafts for preschoolers


Getting kids moving can sometimes be a challenge but not with games like this so fun Thanksgiving Charades game. Kids will have fun, get moving and it’s a free printable. Triple win!

Yoga is a fantastic exercise that can be done with kids and parents. Thanksgiving Yoga Poses can help kids give thanks to nature while getting their bodies active.

Why do kids love going on ‘hunts’ so much? I am not sure but I know a ton of kids who would jump at the chance to Thanksgiving books !

Twister is such a fun game and so helpful for strengthening muscles, balance and more. This Thanksgiving books is perfect for Thanksgiving and really all of Fall!

Thanksgiving Activities For Kids: Science, Sensory, Gross Motor, Literacy, Math and Crafts.


I hope you enjoyed this round up of Thanksgiving Activities for kids! What are your favorite activities?

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