Our family loves to host kids’ parties.  With 5 grandchildren my kids and I throw plenty of birthday parties every year.  Of course half the fun is preparing for the parties, that is once you’ve decided on the venue.  For us the venue always seems to prove the most difficult part. Once the venue has been decided we select the theme.  Usually the  kids know exactly what they want and help with the planning.

We’ve hosted all sorts of themed parties I thought I’d share some fun Kids’ Party Ideas today.  Hope it inspires you for your child’s next party!

Kids' party ideasA couple of years ago it was Twin’s first birthday, it was probably be the one and only time their Mom got to pick the theme!

She choose “Onederland”, after all it’s the only time you can throw your baby or babies in this case a “Onederland” themed party.

This theme is really a spin on the Alice in Wonderland theme.  It’s a fun theme to work with.  The theme was reflected in everything from the invitations (they set the scene), to the cake, the decor, the food (fruit tarts anyone?), the cake, and the party activities (the kids had a blast playing croquet with pink flamingo mallets!).


For more information and photos for this party click here!

There are links in that article to DIY party decor and even the flamingo croquet set!

kids' party ideas

When my grandson Jett turned 1 my daughter choose to throw a “Planes” themed first birthday party.

The theme was perfect!  Not only did Jett love planes it was also a play on his name.The candy buffet served as both party decor and favors.  The candies reflected the theme, right down to the “candy clouds” (cotton candy) and Gummy Jets!  For more information and photos for this party click here!

kids' party ideasNot to be forgotten is my grandson Devon.  For his 7th. birthday party he choose a Super Hero Theme.  That was lots of fun!

Guests were asked to come as their favorite super hero (the suggestion was made on the themed invitation we sent out).  They all loved taking their pictures in our DIY photo booth.

Of course there was a candy buffet as well complete with Krytonite rings (candy ring pops from the dollar store) and “bombs” (jumbo gumballs).

For more information and photos click here!


Kids' party ideasHis next party was a bit easier, he choose the bowling alley for his venue, so of course he had a Bowling Themed party!

The invitations let everyone know what the party theme and venue were.

This was an easier party because the bowling alley staff did most of the work.  We just made the party favors!

For this party each child got a bowling T-shirt with his or her name on it as well as a bowling themed magnate frame and their photo with the birthday boy!

Click here for more information and photos of this party!

The article has links to templates and DIYs so you can make this bowling pin invitation and the bowling t-shirts.


kids' party ideasAnother fun theme is a Thomas the Train Party (or just a Train Party works too!).

This party was for Jett’s second birthday, he was really into Thomas the Train that year.  It was all about Thomas including the cake, bounce house, and buffets (food was served in “train cars”).

The best part of the party was the photo booth!  We really did make a Thomas the Train Engine out of cardboard boxes.  Jett loved sitting in it!

Click here for more photos and information!  The article has links for the DIY train photo booth!

kids' party ideasNow what little girl or boy wouldn’t want a Pirate Party?

We hosted this party at our neighborhood park.  It was the perfect venue for a party with lots of fun activities including walking the plank, pirate ship race, and of course a treasure hunt.

The theme was reflected in the invitations right down to the cannon ball melon balls and the treasure chest that held the booty! (party favors).

Click here for more information and photos for this party!

kids' party ideasJaime helped her friend create a Paw Patrol party for 3 year old Jaxson.  That was lots of fun!

She used doggie bowls she got at the Dollar Store for the treat table.  The Paw Patrol pinata doubled as party decor and later on a party activity.

This party was put together in less than 2 weeks!  See it doesn’t take a whole lot of time to create a party theme at all!

Click here for more info and photos of this party!  This article has free printable Paw Patrol menu cards too!

partypartyAnother party theme we love is the Farm Party!

Jaime had a Mickey’s Farm Party for Jett’s 3rd. Birthday and Sheena had a Farm Party at a farm for the twin’s 3rd. Birthday too!

Pony rides and petting zoos, what’s not to love!

Click here for more pictures of the farm parties!

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partyAnother favorite are sports themed parties.

In our case it was a Football themed party for Devon’s 9th. Birthday!  The kids all had a blast!

Click here for more ideas for a football themed party!


I know it seems that these ideas are mostly for boy parties, but really they can be adapted for girl parties too.  Just change the color scheme!  Girls like super heroes and pirates too!

But don’t worry, one of the twins is Harper, she’s my one and only granddaughter!  I can’t wait to throw her girly parties!