It’s now the dog days of summer.  School’s been out for a couple of months and the  excitement is gone.  We’re now hearing the inevitable gripe “I’m bored! There’s NOTHING to do!”

Here are some fun and creative ideas to keep the kids entertained for the rest of this summer.  I know we’ll be trying a few very soon!

 Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

Growing A Jeweled Rose

Homemade Slime should keep them busy for a while.

Kids love gooey, sticky, disgusting stuff like slime.  My grandson Devon loves this stuff!  Even my adult son does, he’s already purchased a box of Borax to make his own for his 2 year old twins.

Most homemade slime recipes, like the one my son has, contain Borax.  Here’s a recipe from Growing a Jeweled Rose that’s edible and Borax free.  It should keep the kids busy for a few hours; you get added time if you let older kids help make it!  For recipe click here! Click here for slime recipe without Borax!

 Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

Fun At Home With Kids

Another kid favorite is Play Dough, and they do like to eat it too.

Here’s an Edible Gluten Free No Cook version from Fun at Home with Kids.
We’re going to try to make some for my 3 year old grandson, Jett, who is allergic to many things.  For recipe click here!

 Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

Infarrantly Creative

Sidewalk chalk is a great thing, it keeps kids busy for hours and brings out their creativity; but it’s so messy.

After an afternoon of creative fun the kids not only need baths, but their clothes need washing and the walls need scrubbing too! (My grandsons somehow manage to get their chalky hands all over the doors and walls)

Here’s a neater alternative from Infarrantly Creative, Chalk Spray!  It uses corn starch, dishwashing soap, and washable tempera paints; you probably have at least 2 of the ingredients in you kitchen already!  For recipe click here!

 Inexpensive Kids' Summer ActivitiesSand boxes will keep kids busy for hours!

You can buy one like this Little Tykes turtle sandbox or DIY like the one pictured here.  You can buy sand at the garden department of Home Depot or Walmart and dump it into a large shallow plastic storage bin, the ones that go under the bed are the perfect depth.  Which ever way you go be sure you always cover it after play.  We learned the hard way when we had a sandbox built in our yard, kids love them but so do the neighborhood cats!

Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

Found on

We’ve since dismantled the sandbox and have purchased one one with a lid! (Affiliate links)[spacer height=”-20px”]

Inexpensive Kids' Summer ActivitiesMy grandson Jett loves his Little Tikes Pirate Water Table, his older cousins do too! (Affiliate links)
Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

Pink Oatmeal

You can buy a ready made water table or make your own like this one from Pink Oatmeal.  For instructions click here!



Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

Child At Heart

Or better yet make a Sandbox and a Water Table.  Love this idea from Child At Heart!

It uses an old coffee table and plastic bins.  If you don’t happen to have an old coffee table laying around hit the garage sales and find a cheap one.  For instructions click here!
Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

Busy Kids Happy Mom

Kids young and old love bubbles.

Whip up these giant bubble with this recipe from Busy Kids Happy Mom.
For recipe click here!I love this idea of using a beverage dispenser for bubble refills.

Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

La La’s Home Daycare

I plan to keep it handy all summer long! It’s a great idea for kids’ parties too!  Here’s a regular bubble recipe!

Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

The 36th. Avenue

Keep the kids busy with these bouncy balls, better yet let them help make them first!

Where Imagination Grows

I love this idea of Glittery Frozen Water Balloons from Where Imagination Grows.  My grandsons love water balloons but hate cleaning up popped balloons; and clean them up they must because we can’t have the dog or cat eating it up.

 These frozen balloons are fun and there’s no mess to clean up or broken balloon pieces for the pets to eat.  They’re not for throwing at each other, ouch! Dump them in a water table and watch them melt.
If the kids must have water balloon fights, that’s fun too, but use regular water balloons, unfortunately you will have to sweep up the messy aftermath of an epic water balloon war. [spacer height=”-20px”]
Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

Sassy Style Design

Take the game of Twister outside with this homemade outdoor twister game.

All it takes is several cans of spray paint and a cardboard stencil.
Even teens and adults will get a kick out of it!
For instructions click here![spacer height=”-20px”]
Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

Making Memories with Your Kids

Kids love to play in the sprinklers.  Keep them cool and occupied this summer by turning your garden hose into a homemade sprinkler.

All it takes is a 2 liter plastic bottle and duct tape; you probably have everything you need already!
For instructions click here![spacer height=”-20px”]
Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

Pink Pistachio

Have the kids make bird feeders, they can make them any shape they want by using cookie cutters.

This should keep them busy for a while, and amused all summer long as they watch the birds’ antics when they come to feed.
Learn how to make them from Pink Pistachio, click here!
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Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

I Heart Naptime

Hold soap boat races, this should entertain the kids all morning!

All you need is bars of soap, a rain gutter, and a hose.
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Inexpensive Kids' Summer Activities

Turn the yard into a game field with pool noodles! You can have several stations including an obstacle course, target stations, and even a human ring toss.