football themed partyA Football Themed Party is always fun, specially for little boys’ birthdays.  Last month we hosted my grandson, Devon’s, football themed party at our neighborhood park, the kids had a blast and best of all it was easy to plan!

But don’t think football themed parties are just for little boys, girls love football too!  It’s also a great theme for game nights and of course Super Bowl parties.

Here’s what we did for Devon’s Football themed party.

Parties start out with the invitation.  I love themed parties because you can get real creative with the invitations.

For a football themed party you need football themed invitations.  There are many football themed partychoices out there including ticket style invitations and photo invitations.  But I fired up my Cricut Explore Air and made these cute  football helmet invitations.

For extra fun we let guest know that they should come dressed in their favorite football jersey.  The kids loved it!  Even the twins got in on the action!

football themed party

football themed partyOnce the invitations were sent it was time to think about decor.  I made these cute football themed mason jar centerpieces.

They are so cute!  Click here for instructions on how to paint football themed mason jars.

I used football print cardstock for the pennants and frames.  And for the photo the wallet sized photos taken when Devon played football last year were perfect.

We scattered the photo centerpieces on the guest tables during the party.



football themed partyThe next decision we made was the menu.  We wanted something easy and fairly inexpensive.  We decided to order sub sandwiches from Subway and pack them in lunch boxes with a bag of chips, fruit snacks, a mini helmet favor, and a card printed with a football joke or riddle.  Kids and adults loved the idea.  Best of all the lunch boxes were pre-packed and easy to transport and serve.

I have to admit this was the easiest menu we ever planned!  I got the craft food boxes from Amazon.  They fit everything perfectly.  Ok I had to order a case of 100 for $34.55, but I’ll always find ways to use the left over boxes.  They’ll make great cookie boxes for next Christmas!

To seal each box I printed out stickers in the theme.  In this case we centered our football theme around the Falcons, Devon’s favorite football team.  That’s why everything was black and red, Falcons colors.  You can center your football themed party around your favorite team and use their team colors.

football themed partyWe had metal tubs of ice for water, juice, and sodas.

I printed water bottle labels on Avery Durable Wrap Around Labels which I order from Amazon.  It’s the cheapest place I’ve found them.  You get a package of 40 labels for $8.96.

They’re available at Office Depot and Staples for about $20 a package, unless you’re lucky enough to catch them on a BOGO sale.

I always keep a couple of packages in my craft room, I just love personalized water bottle labels!  I think they make every event extra special.  We use them for all our events.  The cheapest way is to DIY, having them printed can cost you $1 or more a label!

The last thing on the menu was of course cake.  I ordered the cake from a local baker, he makes great looking cakes that are delicious too.  [spacer height=”-20px”]


Once the menu was taken care of it was time to turn our attention to games and activities.  This is really easy when you’re hosting a football themed party.  You center everything around football!

football themed partyFor starters we made this football goal with pvc pipes.  So easy and inexpensive.  It can be used for party games and double as party decor.  We set it up at the park and let the kids throw the football thru the goal.  Click here for instructions!

We also set up training hurdles and rings and let the kids run an obstacle course.

It was a great way to keep the kids active and entertained!

football themed party

football themed partyWe also rented a sports themed bounce house.  That was the best idea we had!  It kept kids and adults jumping for hours!

And lucky for us the bounce house rental came with a popcorn machine.  We made fresh popcorn and set up a popcorn bar.  That’s easy!  Just set out bowls of toppings (M&M’s, Reeses Pieces, Gummy Bears, Pretzels, Arare Rice Crackers, and Furakaki sprinkles) and let the kids add them to their bag of popcorn.  This was their take home party favor!

Judging from the big smiles on everyone’s face as they said good bye I’d say Devon’s Football Themed 9th. Birthday Party was a huge success!

Football themed party

football themed party

football themed party

football themed party

football themed party

football themed party

football themed party

football themed party

football themed party

football themed party