football photo centerpiecesI’m planning my grandson, Devon’s, 9th. Birthday Party.  He wanted to have a football themed party, and so it is.  A Football Party at the neighborhood park; lots of space for the kids to play football and football themed party games.  So of course the decor is all about football.

We haven’t nailed down all the details, but I decided to get a head start on the decor.  Last month I made Football Themed Painted Mason Jars so that I could use them as bases for the Football Photo Centerpieces I planned on making.

I love incorporating photos in party centerpieces, specially milestone birthdays!  We made photo centerpieces for my mom’s 80th. Birthday Party the other year.  So for Devon’s Football party I decided that Football Photo Centerpieces were just the thing!  I could use his football team photos, it’s super cool that he’s actually in football gear.

Of course the photo is the main attraction but it needed something more, so I cut out footballs, helmets, and pennants out of cardstock.  I also made his favorite team’s logo on my Cricut as well as his age which I glued on the helmet.  The helmets are in his favorite team’s colors, in this case black and red for the Atlanta Falcons.  But you can use colors and logos from any team you want. I cut the pennants from football themed cardstock I found at my local craft store, they cost about $1 a sheet and are reversible so I bought 2 sheets and ended up with 4 different designs.

Here’s how I made the cool Football Photo Centerpieces!  I’m sharing the template for the pennants, football, and helmet here!  Just download them on to your desktop, you can re-size them to your desired size using a photo editor or any kind of photo editing app.  If you need a free one try


football photo centerpiecesSet of 4 Football Themed Painted Mason Jars – click here for instructions on how to make these – or you can use plain mason jars, tin buckets, pails, or whatever you have on hand.  I used Pint size jars, but you can use any size you want.

2 bags Shredded Paper – Paper Easter grass works great.  I used green & green/yellow

4 Wallet sized Photos – you can use different sized photos if you prefer

Cardstock – whatever color you want, football print, white for numbers

Foil paper in silver for helmet guard

Bamboo Skewers




football photo centerpiecesTemplate – click here to download

The pennant must be folded in half along the centerline.

The helmet guard must be taped or glued to the back of the helmet.  I cut them out of foil paper





Get your bases ready – if you’re making my Football Themed Painted Mason Jars be sure they are dry

Fill jars with shredded paper to the top – don’t pack paper in too tightly but not too loosely either.  Fill it so that the shredded paper is slightly over the rim of the jars.

Download the template, adjust to size, print and cut out:  4 Helmets, 4 footballs, 4 triangle pennants, and 4 flag pennants.

Cut out 4 backgrounds for the photos – cut them out slightly larger than the wallet size photo – use the photo as your guide

Glue photos to background, glue logo and number to helmets, glue helmet guard on to back of helmet

Tape bamboo skewers to the backs of the helmet, football, and photo background

Fold pennant down the centerline, insert skewer in between and secure pennant onto skewer with tape

Arrange one each – Photo, helmet, football, flag pennant, triangle pennant – into each mason jar

You’re done!  You can use these Football Photo Centerpieces on guest tables, on a buffet table, favor table, or any where you want.  Best of all you can keep them and use them as decoration around the house, specially your child’s room!

football photo centerpieces


football photo centerpieces