Today is Flag Day, and instead of sitting in and making stars and stripes, we’re scouring our gardens for them. This Flag Day activity for kids is simple yet perfect for this special day. After playing, we discussed the flag, its development, and what the flag is used for. I’m also planning to repeat multiple times before July 4th.

1. Gather your materials. You will need a container and some flags. We got everything at the dollar spot at Target and as far as I know it’s all still there! We have 8 flags and a tin bucket.flag day game

2. Hide the flags around your yard. I just pushed mine right into the ground.

4th of july activity

3. Gather your search party.

flag daya easy activity

I explained it was not a race that they are working together against the clock. This turns my super competitive 6 year old into a supportive team player and gives my daughter a chance to participate at a more equal level.


4. Go! I used my phone to time although really they didn’t care about the time they just liked the hunt.

flag day outside activity

5. I spaced the flags out a lot.

flag day race

I wanted them to run as much as possible .

flag day for preschool

6. As they returned the flags to the bucket I had them count and my son figure out how many more we needed to find. See what I did there? Throwing in a little bit of math.

flag day gross motor

7. All in all it took three minutes and 43 seconds to find all 8 flags. Clearly I need to hide them better …. or give fewer hints.

flag day outside activity for kids

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