Our traveling options are limited at the moment, but that doesn’t stop us from exploring what other countries have to offer in terms of food! One way to spice up your life at home is to cook some delicious new recipes. With tried and tested recipe books and dishes you’ve learned off by heart, it’s easy to reach for those recipes you’re used to – but what about all the other cuisines you haven’t yet explored? 

Cooking new cuisines not only exercises your cooking skills, but it also adds variety to your diet and can add some flavor to your usual meal plan too. For five cuisines across the world to consider sampling and trying at home, here are a few ideas for you.


For Mediterranean style dishes, look to Spain for inspiration for new recipes. A yummy spanish chicken and rice recipe is simple to make and will offer you a taste sensation. With onions, bell peppers, and chorizo, and of course, seasoning on top, it’s sure to be a dinner you and your family will all enjoy and be asking for more of. Other favorite Spanish dishes and treats include ham croquetas and classic tortillas.


A destination on many people’s bucket lists is Hawaii. However, we tend to focus more on the beautiful beaches and less on the colorful and flavorsome food. A Hawaiian inspired dish you can try at home is poke. Which contains a combo of raw fish chopped into pieces, a bed of rice, and a large portion of crunchy veg – this is an excellent choice for those who like clean eating.


If you love food with a kick that brings the heat, Indonesian food is filled with hot spices you’re bound to enjoy. Classic recipes include mee goreng and nasi. These stir-fries are a combination of noodles that are topped with egg and chili.


For comfort food, consider creating one of the hearty dishes made in Poland. A recipe you need to try is, of course, Poland’s national dish, Bigos Stew. Bigos Stew is a perfect warming dish to make and eat when the darker nights take over, and it gets chilly outside. And don’t forget Peiernik for dessert – a delicious Polish gingerbread.


For amazing food that makes your mouth water, consider including some homemade dishes from Thailand in the mix of cuisines you want to sample. Green thair curry is, of course, a favorite among many of us, and if you haven’t yet tried it, you’re missing out! Other Thai recipes that are sure to tantalize the taste buds include Guay Teow, a tasty noodle soup. And Yam Talay, a seafood salad dressed in spices.

If you’re having a cooking slump recently, or simply wanting to expand your cooking skills; the above cuisines can add some zest to your cooking routine and meal plan that the whole family is guaranteed to enjoy.