Fingerpaint Fine Motor Acorn Craft

Nov 11, 2022 | DIY Crafts, DIY Holiday Crafts, DIY Projects, Thanksgiving

Teaching kids about brown color mixing is the focus of this fine motor craft. By creating brown paint, they’ll learn how to cut and draw, as well as counting to choose their buttons. This craft also helps children realize they can mix colors by creating orange and purple paints.

Many of the acorns we see around here are brown because they were created by mixing two colors together. We mix colors all the time when making crafts like this acorn fine motor craft— just don’t consider mixing colors to make orange. I want my daughter to explore more ideas with color mixing by creating acorns that incorporate red and green, yellow and purple, or blue and orange. Making it this way took time and trial and error. If I don’t have enough paint, mix two complementary colors together.

Adding extra dimensions to the project by implementing additional buttons helps kids gauge shapes and learn to count. It also provides opportunities for developing dexterity and motor skills through a variety of activities.

You’ll need a plate, colored pencils, a button and glue, brown paint, cardstock in light or dark colors and scissors. Then, gather your materials and prepare to create! Blotting paper towels reduced paint thickness, making finger painting manageable. I also enjoy this method because it makes drying time more manageable.

acorn craft for children

To paint the acorn, first cut the bottom section off. Then, glue the top onto the bottom so that both pieces can be attached to one another. It needs more length than usual so that it can be connected later when glued together.

acorn craft for kids drawing

Initially, we mixed brown to produce a more neutral color. Our mix ended up too green, so we kept mixing until we achieved the desired result.

color mixing color brown acorn craft

Adding more paint will result in a closer brown color. If your child doesn’t want to keep mixing the color and it isn’t brown yet, don’t worry. Just label the color you made “Wow the blue, red and white paint mixed to make light purple, cool! homemade acorns can be purple, olive green or neon yellow.” Kids can also mix acorns to create yellow, olive green or neon purple. Parents should explain to their children that acorns in the real world don’t actually change colors. They can also record a message for children to read out loud that states that special purple acorn will always be one-of-a-kind and special compared to brown acorns. In other words, don’t let artistic expression be constrained by scientific fact.

acorn painting for preschool

Use a paintbrush, sponge, bath puff or even bubble wrap to add texture to the nut. We chose to fingerpaint but you can also use brushes.

acorn activity for children

Blotting paint with a paper towel produces a more pleasing effect than simply wiping the brush. My daughter loves the result and so do I.

acorn craft with finger paint

For best results, let dry for two days. Alternatively, divide the project into two parts; one part can be dried while the other is revisited after lunch.

Remove the top and bottom halves of the craft. Glue them back together with leftover painted paper to create a flower.

acorn craft for preschool

Time to glue on the buttons.

I didn’t design this project, and didn’t instruct my daughter on where to place the buttons. Instead, I handed her the glue and buttons for her to use. Some children may line the acorn cap with buttons, fill it completely with them, or add an initial made of buttons on the bottom. There are many approaches children can take when designing this project.

button acorn craft for kids

Press buttons through holes in glue with a satisfying squish. She enjoyed watching the glue harden around the buttons.

acorn craft for preschool fine motor development

Let dry again!

acorn craft for kids

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