Father’s Day is coming up and while it can be difficult to figure out what colour of tie to get for Dad for Father’s Day, a hand made card is always going to be a hit. This DIY Father’s Day Watermelon Card is the perfect way to show Dad that he is ONE IN A MELON! So punny, just like Dad!

This card is made with Craft Foam Sheets and I even have a printable watermelon template that makes it easy to avoid a pinterest fail and make your card look amazing. Googly eyes add that final touch of personality to your card.


Father’s Day Watermelon Card with Printable Template

DIY Father’s Day Watermelon Card


Black, Pink, Red, Light & Dark Green Craft Foam Sheets

White Poster Board or Cardstock


Googly eyes

White Glue

Black Marker & Pencil



Begin by downloading and printing the MELON template.

Cut the template out.

Trace the melon template onto the red craft foam sheet and cut out.

Glue the melon onto white poster board or cardstock.



Cut the bottom of your melon template off. Trace the watermelon rind onto dark green craft foam and cut out. Glue rind on top of red craft foam.

Cut a smaller rind from light green craft foam and glue on top of the dark green rind.

Glue on googly eyes.


Father’s Day Watermelon Card with Printable Template


Cut small rosy cheeks from pink craft foam and glue in place. Draw on a smile with a black marker or cut one from black craft foam and glue in place.

Draw seeds onto the melon with black marker.

Add a message with marker or print a message and glue onto your card.

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