Everyone, including me, made a big deal about Mother’s Day a few weeks ago.  We Moms and Grandmas expect and receive  gifts, breakfasts in bed, brunches, lunches, teas, dinners on Mother’s Day.  I suppose we make a bigger fuss when we don’t get the pampering we know we deserve for all the things we do to take care of our families.

Dads on the other hand don’t seem to make a big deal about Father’s Day, at least not in our family.
As a child I  gave my Dad a tie every Father’s Day and that was that, no fan fare, no hoopla, just a tie.
My kids when they were young gave their Dad a mug, he doesn’t wear ties often but is a big coffee drinker, so every Father’s Day he got the inevitable mug and we’d let him throw steaks on the grill and call it a day.

These days Father’s Day often falls during our summer vacation and it gets lost amid the shuffle of traveling.   Often times we don’t even realize it’s Father’s Day until the day of and the kids and grandkids give Dad a call and we have our weekly Sunday Night barbecue and call it a Father’s Day dinner.

It seems to me Dads are often under appreciated and hardly ever complain about it.  This year I’m determined to start a change.  I’ve already decided to engage the grandkids in some Father’s Day Crafts for their Dads and Poppa.  I think we’ll make him lunch as well, and have our Sunday Night barbecue too!

Here are some Dad pleasing recipes to make Dad this Father’s Day.

Father's Day LuncheonHere’s my recipe for Crock Pot Beef Stew.

Everyone in the family, specially my husband, loves it!.  You can throw everything together in the pot before you go to bed, it will be ready for lunch.  Serve it with white rice, we do, or with mashed potatoes.  Totally yummy!

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You can’t go wrong with grilled meats! So fire up the grill and cook up some of dad’s favorites!





Father's Day LuncheonCook up a nice rib eye, on the grill or in a frying pan, and smother it with this delicious Balsamic Vinegar & Mushroom Steak Sauce. 

It’s another family favorite!

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For a lighter lunch try out my Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Pasta Shells.  Very easy to make, the kids can do it with a bit of adult supervision.

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If you don’t want to stuff pasta shells try out my Spinach & Cheese Pasta Rolls, it uses lasagna noodles.

Either one goes great with my Garlic Knots

This Chicken/Spinach/Broccoli Stromboli is perfect for lunch.  Dip it in your favorite pasta sauce!

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Chicken Marsala is another favorite.  I love to serve it with Garlic Mashed Potatoes.

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This BBQ Pot Roast over Cheddar Grits  from Plain Chicken looks really delicious and filling.

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Here are some great hot dog ideas from Pink Pistachio.

Dad’s love hot dogs, at least the ones in our family do!  Try these out for something a bit more gourmet for Father’s Day.

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Most Dads can’t resist a fat juicy burger.

Here’s one from Chow.com, it’s called the Juicy Lucy Burger!

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Here’s a Carnita Salad for a taste South of the Border!

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This Black & Blue Salad from Sugar Dish Me is filling and fresh.  Great for summer!

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BeefThis Italian Beef Hoagie is one of our favorites.  It’s cheesy, a little spicy, and oh so yummy!

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Or forget the formalities and give Dad or Grandpa what he really wants!  Take him fishing!  Pack sandwiches, fruit, and drinks and head out to the lake or river, or his favorite fishing hole.

This boxed lunch idea from The Cards We Drew is a cute way to pack his lunch, and everyone else’s too!