Mason JarsI collect bottles, jars, tins, and other interesting containers.  My kitchen cabinets are filled with empty spaghetti sauce jars, wine bottles, and other stuff I insist I will someday do something creative with.  The recent popularity of Mason jars are right up my alley.

Mason Jars are not only used for canning, they are so versatile and can be used for almost anything.  They can be painted, glued, etched, stenciled, and more.  They can be vases, baking containers, drinking glasses,  gift packaging, and I’m told are used for moonshine!  It only takes a little imagination and very little time to turn jars into something special.

With Thanksgiving this week here are a few ideas on how you can use Mason Jars as part of your holiday decor and gift giving.



Mason JarsOwl Candy Jars by ChicaCircle are a great way to store extra Halloween Candy or would make a great Teacher’s gift, you can fill it with treats, stickers, or just about anything you want.

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Mason JarsRustic Fall Centerpiece by Love of Family & Home are simple and easy to make.  You can personalize them with your own initial.  For Tutorial click here![spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]
Mason Jars“FALL” Mason Jar vases by My Anything & Everything are painted in chalk paint and stenciled.  Simple and lovely on your mantle or Thanksgiving table.
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Mason Jars Simmering Pot Mason Jar Gift by The Happier Homemaker is easy to make and would be a terrific hostess gift.  Not to mention your house will smell wonderful when you’re making it.
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Mason JarsStanding Mason Jars on candle stick holders what a novel idea!  This Aqua and Orange decor by Cherished Bliss is simply lovely!

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Mason JarsThankful Jars by Positively Splendid are a great to display fall foliage or perhaps you can even place small pots of herbs in them.

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Mason JarsCorn Husk Wrapped Jars by Garden Therapy would make a nice centerpiece for your holiday table.

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Mason JarsSpice Kits by Mixing Bowl Kids make wonderful hostess gifts or even party favors for you Thanksgiving events.

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Mason JarsMason Jar drinking glasses and centerpiece by AKA Designs.  Guests can take home their jars as party favors.  Easy and inexpensive.  Jar lids can be replaced by Daisy cut lids, they have holes for the drinking straw.  Otherwise you could drill holes in each lid.  Daisy cut lids can be ordered from (Affiliate Link)

Mason JarsWondering what to do with the lids you just replaced with the Daisy cut ones?  Don’t toss them out, here’s a fun way by The Country Cook. to use them and incorporate them in your holiday decor.

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Need Mason Jars?  You can find Mason and Jelly Jars in all sizes from!