If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you’ll know that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  And in our family it ushers in the coming Holiday Season.  So we start getting into the holiday spirit beginning October 1!

This year I’m pretty sure the holidays will be different, with so many of us keeping close to home and maintaining social distance normal holiday events and get togethers will be challenging, beginning with Halloween.  I suppose the burning question for now is to Trick or Treat or not.  It’s a dilemma and I see both sides of the argument, but at the end of the day each parent, grandparent, or guardian will have to make their own decisions as to what the kids will do on Halloween night which this year happens to fall on a Saturday.  Bummer!

Well all is not lost regardless of how you decide to celebrate on Halloween night, just keep health and safety in mind as I’m certain you know, there’s no reason why the Halloween season can be a total bummer nor are there any rules saying that you can only celebrate it on October 1!  At our house Halloween is a month long event (as is Thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthdays; did I mention we REALLY LOVE holidays?)

There’s so many fun things you and your kids can do to celebrate Fall and of course Halloween.  At our place I got together with the neighbors and we decided instead of Trick or Treating we’d all play the neighborhood game “You’ve Been Booed”. Click here if you want to play the game too! Psst!  The article has some free printables to help you play!

The object of the game is to deliver a basket of treats to your neighbors (friends, office mates, etc) anonymously.  The kids will have a great time “sneaking” the treat baskets around the neighborhood, and they love helping with the baskets as well!

We’ve also got lots of Halloween crafts to share this month, as well as fall recipes.  So keep checking the blog for new ideas!  That means the grandkids and I will be making all sorts of fun Halloween decorations and of course we’ll be decorating cookies!  But before we begin I decided to make each of them reversible fall aprons and personalized toques!  Oh before I forget I need to let you know that this post contains affiliate links, the commissions we earn help us keep the blog going!



One side has a Halloween vinyl iron on design and the other as a Thanksgiving design.

To make these I used my Singer Stylist sewing machine to sew the reversible aprons, my Cricut Maker, and my handy dandy Cricut Easy Press 2 to make and add the vinyl transfers.

I also used Thanksgiving print fabrics scraps I had from previous projects as well as solid colored fabrics for the aprons.  And of course I needed HTV or heat transfer vinyl sheets to make the transfers.

For the aprons I used the free Big Chef Little Chef Apron pattern from Straightgrain.com.  

To make it reversible I cutout  2 of the main pattern pieces (the apron part) in the colors I wanted (black for the skeleton, purple for the witch, orange for the pumpkin and green or orange for the Thanksgiving side.) I used coordinating fabric for the ties.

To make the apron reversible make the top ties and the waist ties as directed.  Baste the top ties to the edge of one of the apron pieces, be sure they are equidistant and are on the “right side” of the fabric.  Do the same with the waist ties.  You should have 4 ties (2 on the top edge and 2 on the waist edge) basted to the fabric.

Cut a rectangular piece of thanksgiving print fabric about 7″x11″.

Press about 1/4″ strip to wrongside of fabric all the way around.  This will be your pocket.

Pin pocket to the lower half around the waist of the Thanksgiving side fabric of the apron.

Top stitch on 3 sides leaving the top unstitched.

Now pin the fabric with the ties to the other apron piece together.  Make sure the right sides of the fabric are facing each other, this means the pocket side is facing in, and the ties are sandwiched between them.  Also make sure the ties are in the center of the pinned fabric so that you don’t accidentally stich over them.

Stitch both fabrics together with a 1/4′ seam.  Leave about 6″ unstitched at the bottom edge for turning.

Trim seam allowances and clip corners.

Turn apron right side out.  Press seams and press the opening seams in to match the bottom so that it’s straight.

Top stitch around apron making sure to close the opening at the bottom.

Your apron is done!

To make the iron on transfers I uploaded free SVG files to the Cricut Maker from these sites.

The Skeleton  from Craft with Passion. 

And the other designs from:







Check them out I’m sure you’ll find a design or designs you’ll love!

I used the Cricut Maker to cut the letters for each child’s name and transferred them to the toques I got from Amazon! 

You can use any font you prefer.

Happy Crafting!