In life, there are certain appointments for your health that you really cannot miss. It’s very easy to get too busy to worry about going to the doctor. Work and life and family all get in the way. The thing is, if you keep putting these things off, you’re going to struggle and eventually your health will suffer as a result. A lot of people didn’t make it to certain medical appointments this year due to the pandemic, but in a regular world, you have all the time to get your healthcare straightened out and not be hindered by a pandemic.

It’s so important that you don’t miss out on health screenings. Whether your appointments are for your eyes to be checked or they’re to learn more about hearing aids, your health matters more than your job, your social life and your need to sleep in on a Friday morning. Neglecting your health can lead to all kinds of complications, and so you should think about these most important medical appointments that you really cannot skip.


  • Screenings For Cancer. If you find a lump, feel a change in your skin or you notice changes in your body that aren’t usual, you may be fast tracked for a cancer screening. However, if you miss this appointment, the chances of you feeling more sick over time massively increase, and it’s not the right illness to wait around on. Postponing possible cancer treatment is not a good idea, and while it’s easier to bury your head in the sand about how you feel, it’s not the route you should go down. Pandemic or not, your health cannot be compromised and you should push against your doctor to get your appointment secured. 
  • Appointments For The Kids. It doesn’t matter how routine the childhood illness is, if you need to book a doctor’s appointment for it, you should stick to it. From vaccinations to worries about chickenpox and even respiratory illnesses like bronchiolitis, you need to get them help if you are concerned. Newborn appointments need to be upheld, and it’s not a good idea to cancel the child health nurse coming to your home, either. Life gets in the way much of the time, but the kids need your attention and it’s never worth waiting on their health. 
  • Prenatal Care. When you’re pregnant, your health is not just about you anymore. Missing out on appointments can put your baby at risk, and it’s not worth it to miss out. Essential medical appointments include scans to tell you whether your baby is healthy – and that’s definitely not an appointment you want to miss. Talk to your doctor about attending appointments and schedule them into your calendars for work and for home, and you won’t forget to turn up! You can only get the help you need when your pregnancy is monitored properly, so think about how you want this to go. 
  • Eye Tests. As we get older, our eyesight changes. For some people, near-sightedness is an issue and for others, far-sightedness becomes their new normal. Eyes change and age as much as our skin and ears do, so regular health checks on your eyes will ensure that you don’t miss something going wrong. With eye care, you need to be aware of the changes to put a fix in place. There are glaucoma surgeries, cataracts surgeries and a range of prescriptions that you may need for your glasses. When you miss out on eye appointments, you’re going to miss out on stopping the decline in your eyesight. Choose to get your eye tests done regularly and don’t miss them! 
  • Blood Tests. Have you been scheduled for blood tests? It’s always a good idea to attend any blood tests that you are put forward for by your doctor. They could be testing for anemia, heart issues, thyroid problems – regardless of the reason, doctors don’t book blood tests without a good enough reason to do so. Telephone appointments are great and all, but they don’t make sense for blood tests! If you’ve been booked in to have a needle done, don’t be afraid: it’s going to be worth it to hear that you’re just fine. 
  • Dental Visits. Your teeth are as important as any other part of the body. Every six months, you should be out there getting your teeth checked by your dentist to ensure that they are in the best shape. Bad teeth and gums can lead to far bigger issues!