Eczema soothing bath bombsLast week I made some Eczema Soothing Bath Salts, I loved them so much I decided to get fancy and made these cute Eczema Soothing Bath Bombs!  I mean seriously eczema can be such a nasty drag so finding fun ways to soothe the itchiness helps boost my moral.


I made these Eczema Soothing Bath Bombs in a couple of different shapes and sizes.   I made large rose shaped and small heart shaped bath bombs.  Fun!


Not only can these Eczema Soothing Bath Bombs help calm and soothe your eczema as part of your daily eczema routine, they make great gifts to friends and family suffering with the same conditions!  Just make sure your or anyone you gift them too are not allergic to any of the ingredients.  Pair them with a jar of the salts and you’ve got a the beginings of a great gift basket or Eczema SOS kit!

In my post with instructions on how to make the bath salts I included basic information on the essential oils I used to make the Eczema Soothing Bath Salts.  I used a couple of the same oils for the bath bombs along with some other oils.  So if you want to information about Neroli and Helichrysum oils I used in making these Eczema Soothing Bath Bombs or if you just want to know how to make the salts click here!  Then read on for more information on the other essential oils I used to make the bath bombs as well as instructions on how to make them at home.

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For tips about using essential oils and how to use them in your eczema routine click here!

Here are the rest of the essential oils used in making Eczema Soothing Bath Bombs.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil is made from the leaves of certain Eucaluptus trees from Myrtaceae family and native to Australia.  There are over 500 species of the tree and several including Eucalyptus odorata, Eucalyptus salucifolia, and Eucalyptus globulus are used to make the oil.  The oil has antimicrobial, antibactirial and antifungal properties and is an anti inflammatory.  It is used to soothe cold congestion and skin irritations from allergies and other causes.  It also has a pleasing  minty aroma.

These are qualities that make it a perfect ingredient for my bath bombs.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil comes from the leaves of the peppermint plant scientifically known as Menta Aquatica.  It is a hybrid mix of spearmint and watermint.  It is cultivated everywhere but is most commonly found in the Brazilian rainforest, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Peppermint oil is very popular is widely used as flavoring, think candy canes, and as medicines, think sports rubs and cold remedies! Its medicinal properties have been valued for centuries with well documented evidence of its use dated as far back as 1000 BC.  Evidence of its use has also been found in many Egyptian pyramids!

Among its many healing and soothing qualities such as relieving headaches and sore muscles, easing chest and nasal congestion, and alleviating bad breath,  it also helps relieve itchiness making it an ideal herb to use in my Eczema Soothing Bath Bombs.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is made from the leaves and branches of the Tea (Ti) Tree known as Melaleuca alternifolia found in Australia.  Its medicinal qualities have been widely known throughout Australia for over a hundred years.  It is an antibacterial and antiseptic making it a great oil to treat wounds and skin infections.  Its antifungal properties make it ideal for treating nail fungus, ringworm, and athlete’s foot all caused by types of fungi.  It also helps relieve itchiness and can reduce swelling, qualities which make it another perfect ingredient for my Eczema Soothing Bath Bombs.

The other oils I used to make these bath bombs are Neroli and Helichrysum, more info on these oils can be found here!

Let’s make some Eczema Soothing Bath Bombs!

By the way I used 5 oils to make my bath bombs, you don’t have to use all of them.  You can use a combination of 2 or 3, but if you must you should be sure to include the Neroli Oil, aside from it’s healing qualities it smells divine!


2 Lbs. Baking Soda

10 drops Neroli Oil

5 drops Helichysum Oil

5 Drops Eucalyptus Oil

5 Drops Peppermint Oil

5 Drops Tea Tree Oil

8 – 12 Tbs water

Silicone molds


Place baking soda in a large metal bowl.

Add oils and stir well.

Add 6 tbl of water and mix, if it’s too dry add water 2 tbl at a time until you get the right consistency.  The powder should feel like fine sand and hold a shape if formed into a ball.

Press into silcone molds I used large rose molds and smaller heart ones.

Place molds in the freezer for at least 1 hour.

Gently release each bath bomb from the mold.

Store in air tight containers until ready to use.

Drop 1-2 Eczema Soothing Bath Bombs into your lukewarm or room temp bath water.  Soak and relax!