Peek-A-Boo Bunny
Easter is in less than 2 weeks.  Many of us will be taking the kids to neighborhood Easter Egg Hunts.
Here’s an easy crochet basket you can make for your youngster to take on the hunt.  It’s super cute with a bunny peeking out of the top.  I made this for my one year old grandson.  I made him a matching had too.
Both are easy to make, I got them both done in one evening!
The Bunny Ears Hat is the same one I made for my twin grandbabies.  For them I made matching diaper covers and a tutu for my baby girl.  Click here for the FREE pattern for my DIY Crochet Twin Bunny Hat & Diaper Cover Set. 
The Bunny Ears Hat is done by changing the color combination on the FREE pattern from Repeat Crafter Me.  She gives instructions for the hat in sizes ranging from Newborn to Adult.  Click here for Bunny Ears Hat pattern.
I made the basket by using the Free Peek A Boo Rabbit Crochet Easter Basket from The Crochet Crowd.  I followed the patter for the basic basket and modified it to make the bunny face and basket strap a bit stiffer.  I also used a different color combination to match the Bunny Ears Hat.
Read on for my modifications.
Make the basket following the instructions for the Peek A Boo Rabbit Crochet Easter Basket:  Make the basket, bunny face (the one attached to the basket), paws, and straps.  Do not attach straps yet.
Make a second bunny face using this pattern:
 Ch 1 counts as a st going
1. Chain 17
2.  Row 1: SC in 2 st from hook, *SC across, turn Ch 1 repeat from * for rows 2-5 (17)
3.  Row 6: SC2tog over the first 2 sts, then SC across until the last 2 STS then SC2tog over the last 2 sts (15) (this is a decrease row)
4.  Row 7: *Ch1, SC across to the end of the row, repeat from * for rows 8 & 9 (15)
5. Row 10: *Ch1, sc2tog over the first 2 sts, then sc across until the last 2 STS then sc2tog over the last 2 st(13)
6.  Row 11:  Repeat from *  (11)
7.  Row 12:  SC across (11) Do not tie off; you will continue first ear.
ch 1 will not count as first st when making ears
1. Row 1: *Ch1, Sc in each of the next 5 STS
2.  Rows 2-7:  Repeat from * (5)
3. Row 8: Ch1, Sc2tog, 1 SC into the next st, sc2tog  (3)
4. Row 9:  Ch1, sc across (3)
5. Row 10:  Ch 1, 2sctog 1sc(2)
6. 2sctog(1)
Sl st at end of ear, pull tight, tie off weave in end.
For 2nd ear:  you will still be working right to left in this row.
Going into the next st after the 5th st of the ear already made, attach yarn with a sl st
1. Row 1: *Ch1, Sc for 5 st,
2. Row 2-7: Repeat from * (5)
3. Row 8: Ch1, Sc2tog, 1 SC into the next st, sc2tog  (3)
4. Row 9:  Ch1, sc across (3)
5. Row 10:  Ch 1, 2sctog 1sc(2)
6. 2sctog(1)
Sl st at end of ear.
SC completely around the bunny head.  Tie off and weave in end.
You will now have a separate bunny head – one attached to basket and one by itself
Place separate bunny head over the bunny head attached to the basket – place it on the inside side.
Stitch the separate bunny head on to the head attached to the basket.  Place stitches under the crochet stitches.  Stitch bottom edge to the basket – stitch only on the surface of the basket yarn so that the stitches are not visible from the front of the basket.
Make Bunny Face using buttons or yarn.
Now take the Braided Strap and thread pipe cleaners into the backside between the braids – make sure pipe cleaner is not visible from the front side
Stitch the strap to the basket.  Stitch the one end of the braided strap to the BOTTOM of the basket on the INSIDE.  Make sure the Pipe Cleaner side of the braided strap is facing you as you stitch.
Stitch both sides of the straps to the inside of the Basket – Do the same on the other side keeping the pipe cleaner side facing you as you stitch.  Do not twist the strap as you stitch it on so that the end product shows the correct side of the strap
The sides will be a bit floppy but will stand up when you fill it with Easter grass and treats.  To keep the bunny face from flopping over you can lean it on the treats or thread small wooden dowels between the faces and prop up inside the basket.  (I used wooden chopsticks)  Just be sure to remove the sticks before the child plays with the basket.
Peek-A-Boo Bunny
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