Wrapping paper treeI needed some kid friendly tabletop Christmas decor for my one year old grandson.  I wanted the coffee tables to look festive, but I didn’t want my precocious grandson to get hurt by my usual glass knick knacks. These Wrapping Paper Christmas trees were perfect, light weight, festive, inexpensive, and I could coordinate colors, themes, and sizes to match my decor.

They are super easy to make.  I already had 3 out of the 4 items needed to make it.  A quick stop at Walmart’s craft department for styrofoam cones and I was ready to start.  Each cone takes no more than 5 minutes to make.  You can use whatever size cone you like and cover it with any paper you have on hand.  If you want to dress them up a bit you can glue them onto candlestick holders in varying heights.

Here’s step-by-step directions.  The are so easy and cheap to make I’m sure you won’t be able to stop at one.  I made 6, 3 for each coffee table.

To make the trees look neat and polished be sure the paper you are using isn’t wrinkled or creased.

Make sure tip is straight and pointy, not bent or folded.

If using striped. plaid, or checked try to match the lines and make sure they go in one direction around the cone.  It just looks neater and more polished.

Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree

Wrapping Paper Christmas TreeYou can use your favorite wrapping paper; foil, glitter, etc.  Match the paper to your decor or color scheme.  These are extra fun if you use children’s wrapping paper printed with your child’s favorite cartoon characters!