My 16 month old twin grandchildren I babysit several times a week are now very mobile.  They are into everything! One of their favorite activities is climbing.  They climb on anything, usually to reach something that caught their eyes!  They especially love to climb a chest in our family room that allows them to reach some of the family portraits we have hanging on the wall behind.  This can be very dangerous as the photos are in wood and glass frames.  I decided our reachable photos had to be replaced with a child safe wood photo hanger.

I made this cute wood photo hanger using a wooden address plaque and drawer pulls  I found at Home Depot.  I painted the plaque red to compliment my decor, strung jute twine between the drawer pulls and used small painted clothes pins to hang photos of all the grandkids.  To personalize it I cut letters on my Cricut Explore Air and decoupaged them on the plaque.  Simple!  Most importantly it didn’t break the bank!  The project cost me about $25.  (I had most of the supplies and only had to buy the plaque, drawer pulls, and spray paint.)

It may cost you a bit more if you have to buy the other supplies, or it could cost less if you use wood scraps or an old address plaque and drawer pulls.  (clicking on some links will take you to one of my affiliates)

This wood photo hanger is so easy to make and is very versatile.  You can paint or stain it in any color, use stickers or stencils to personalize it, use fun door pulls, and different colored mini clothes pins.  It makes a great grandparent gift, mother’s day gift, or a gift for just about anyone for any event.

Here’s a step by step how to make your own Wood Photo Hanger!

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DIY Wood Photo Hanger

Address Plaque or scarp of wood at least 14″ long and 8″ wide

Spray paint or stain ( I used red)

2 drawer pulls


Mini Clothes Pins

Picture hanger

Optional supplies:

Mod Podge Glue

Mod Podge Sealer


Stencils, cut outs, or stickers


DIY Wood Photo HangerCover your work space with a drop sheet or newspaper, anything to protect the surface.  It’s best to do this part outdoors or in a well ventilated area.






DIY Wood Photo HangerSpray paint or stain the front of the plaque.  Be sure to spray the edges too.  Allow to dry completely.

You can spray more than one coat if you like, just be sure paint dries between coats.





DIY Wood Photo Hanger Cut out letters you need.  I used my Cricut Explore to cut our letters to spell “Our Grands”.  I cut out 2 sets, a black background set and a red polka dot set to place over it.

You can use stickers or if you prefer stencil the letters on to the plaque.  If you use stickers or stencils you can skip the decoupage steps and go ahead and seal the plaque.



DIY Wood Photo Hanger

Brush Mod Podge Glue ona the plaque.  Stick the cut out letters on the plaque and brush with a light coat of Mod Podge (decoupage).

Allow to dry about 30 Minutes.





DIY Wood Photo HangerRepeat the previous step for the second set of letters.  Allow to dry over night.






DIY Wood Photo HangerSeal the plaque with Mod Podge Sealer and allow to dry about 3 hours or until it’s no longer tacky.






DIY Wood Photo Hanger

Screw drawer pulls in the holes on both ends of the plaque.  This is why I like to use the address plaque, the holes are pre-drilled.  No need to drill holes evenly.  If you are using wood scraps you must drill holes on either end.  Be sure the holes are evenly spaced and are aligned properly.

Attach the picture hanger to the back of the plaque.  You can use any type of wall hanger you have handy.  I prefer either the sawtooth hanger or the hooks with a wire strung between them.


DIY Wood Photo Hanger

String the twine between drawer pulls and secure them to the pulls.  You don’t want the twine too taut, but not too loose either.  The twin should fall under the words but not below the bottom plaque edge when photos are attached.





DIY Wood Photo HangerMount to the wall and arrange photos along the twine securing each one with the mini clothes pins.

The great thing about this Wood Photo Hanger is you can change the photos whenever you want to![spacer height=”-20px”]




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