Every trick or treater needs a cute bag for his anticipated haul of candies.  Sure you can go buy a plastic pumpkin or Halloween printed bag from the dollar or discount stores, but if you want something special you can make your own.  There’s nothing easier than making these DIY Trick or Treat Bags.  You can make them to coordinate with your child’s costumes too!

diy trick or treat bagsI used Halloween panels I bought at our local fabric store to make these bags.

This is pretty straight forward.  Just cut the panels out, you’ll need 2 for each bag, front and back.

Stitch the panels together on 3 sides, leave the top for the opening.  You can use borders trimmed from the panels for the handles.  Sew strips of them for the handles.  Hem the top before you add the handles.


diy trick or treat bagsIf you want to get a bit fancy you can make these bags reversible by adding a lining of contrasting Halloween fabric.

For these I added some cotton batting between the panel and the lining.

These bags require more time, after making these I decided it really wasn’t worth the extra effort.[spacer height=”20px” id=”2″]

DIy trick or treat bagsI made these Pokeball bags to match the Pikachu and Jiggly Puff costumes I made for my grandkids.  After all Pokemon critters deserve pokeballs!

These DIY Trick or Treat Bags don’t require sewing skills at all.  You can glue the circles together or fuse them together with strips of  Stitch Witchery fusible webbing. (affiliate link).  I used Steam-A-Seam 2 fusible webbing to attach the appliques on the front of the bag.  Then I tacked on the handles to the top.

To make these DIY Trick or Treat Bags you’ll need:

1/2 yard fabric in black – I used a vinyl material

1/4 yard red fabric

1/4 yard white fabric

Template – click here for the free template

diy trick or treat bags

How To:

Download the template and save to your desktop

Upload template to a photo app and adjust size you need

Print template and cut out pieces

Trace 2 of the black circle and 2 black strips on to your black material

Trace red half circle on to red fabric and fusible webbing

Trace white half circle and small circle on to white fabric and fusible webbing

Cut out the pieces

Stitch or fuse both sides of black circles, wrong sides, together leaving top opening

Tack or stitch on strips to the opening on each side – front and back

Following instructions on fusible webbing iron it on to the white and red pieces

Arrange white and red pieces on top of the black bag using the picture above for placement

Iron on following instructions on the webbing package

Voilá!  Pokeball bag ready!  Your kids will love them!