Here’s an easy DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Pop Up Card that pops right up to wish kids a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

A favorite activity in our home during the holidays is making homemade cards.  My daughter enjoys getting creative and sending cards to family and friends.  This week we are making pop up turkey cards to send for Thanksgiving to our out of town family.


Materials used:

  • Green cardstock
  • Construction papers 8 x 11 inches or A4 size – Yellow, Orange, Red, Brown
  • Markers – Black & Orange
  • Glue stick & glue
  • White circle dot stickers
  • Scissors
  • Washi tape for the card borders


Steps to create the DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Pop Up Card:

Start by folding the letter sized cardstock in half. We used a green card, but you could use any Fall color.

Cut out long rectangle strips from the construction papers. Cut the red 4 inches wide, orange 3 inches wide, and yellow 2 inches wide. We cut along the long edge of the Letter sized papers. Start making equal-sized folds in an accordion-style along the long edge.

Make sure the folds line up correctly when placed on top of each other. Line them up by their width.

To make the turkey body, cut a 5-inch square out of brown paper. Fold in half and trace a design as shown in the pic above. Notice that the lower part of the bird has a diagonal cut that will be folded

Cut out a small orange beak and a red wattle. Stick on white circle stickers and add an eye using markers.

Stick on the eyes, a beak, and a wattle to the turkey body. Fold a small triangle at the bottom of the turkey’s body.

Line the turkey’s body along the center of the card. Stick on one side and fold the card to stick the other end.

Stick the accordion fold paper strips behind the turkey body. First the yellow, then orange and finally the red paper fold. We added some pumpkins and a greeting. and some claws for the turkey.

Tada your turkey popup card is ready.