Subway Art Mother's Day CardJust about everyone I know heads to the store around this time of year in search of the perfect Mother’s Day card.  But have you seen the price of cards lately?  I happened to browse Walmart’s card section the other day and was surprised to find cards for almost $10!  Sure some of them are big and fancy, with sparkles, gems, ribbons, sounds, and other embellishments.  But really TEN BUCKS for a card that will more than likely end up at the bottom of Mom’s desk drawer or worse yet in the trash bin.  Talk about throwing money way!  Not to mention the sentiments are trite and somewhat generic, many don’t convey everything we want to say.

I’ve gotten many Mother’s Day cards thru the years after all I have 3 grown kids and 5 precious grandbabies.  I run into them when I clean out my nightstand drawer, at least the store bought ones.  The ones I cherish are the ones the kids and grandkids made for me, those aren’t shoved in the drawer!

One of the advantages of homemade cards is that you can make anything you want and say anything you want.  That’s what makes them so special!  And let’s not forget homemade cards are much cheaper than store bought ones.  You can save that $10 or put it towards the gift!

Well lately my Cricut Explore electric die cutting machine has become my BFF.  I’ve been quite busy making party invitations and décor for the children’s birthdays, not to mention holiday décor including Mother’s Day gifts for the Moms in my life.  So I thought why not make Mother’s Day cards to go with those gifts.

I made several different ones but one of the simplest and nicest I think is this Homemade Mother’s Day Subway Art Card.

I’ve really been into Subway Art lately, I even used it for my Mother’s Day Subway Art Tray I shared last month.  In fact I used the tray as a background for the Mother’s Day Subway Art Card picture on this post!

I love Subway Art because it’s cute, simple, and very easy to do.  You don’t need special equipment just your computer and printer.

If you’re not sure what Subway Art is it’s actually Typography Art.  In short a bunch of words typed in different fonts, colors, and sizes then arranged in an attractive way.  The words can revolve around a theme, they can convey a message, or be the words of a poem or slogan, lyrics of a song, or whatever you want it to say.  You can use it many ways.  I’ve seen it used as framed art work, on wedding invitations, signs, and more.  Remember I used it to make a Mother’s Day Tray, the words on the tray, and the card is “Mother” in different languages.  Very appropriate!

Subway Art Mother's Day CardI’m very pleased with this Homemade Mother’s Day Subway Art Card and I’m so excited to share it with you!  I’m sharing 2 printable jpg designs that you can download and print at home.  And I’ll tell you what you need to make it and how to put it all together.

I used blank 5×7 white cards with matching envelopes.  You can pick up packages of blank cards at any craft store.   Or you can cut your own out of card stock.

I printed the Subway Art on white card stock.  To fit on the blank card I made it 4.5” x 6.5”.

Then I cut out the “frame”.  The frame measures 5×7 outside and the inner frame is 4×6, it fits perfectly over the Subway Art.  I’m sharing the frame template too!

I glued everything on the front of the blank card then to make it super special I embossed “Happy Mother’s Day” with embossing powder and heat gun.  But if you don’t have a heat gun no worries!  You can leave it just the way it is or use markers, crayons, paint, glitter, or whatever you have to dress up the letters.

I left the inside of the card blank and will be handwriting Mother’s Day sentiments for each recipient.

Easy peasy!  Best of all this Mother’s Day Card cost me a big fat 0!  I already had everything on hand!

Subway Art Mother's day card

So here’s how you too can make this card for Mother’s Day!



Subway Art Mother's Day CardSubway Art printable and frame template  (You’ll find 2 different designs!) – Click here

Blank 5×7 card or DIY out of cardstock

A7 Envelope (optional)

Card stock – white, and pink or whatever color you want the frame to be – If you’re cutting your own card base then you’ll need card stock in your choice of color as well

Glue – you can use the kids’ school glue like Elmer’s white glue

Scissors or Exacto knife

Ruler or straight edge

Markers, glitter, paint, or whatever you want to dress up some letters (optional)



Download the printable and template

Pop it into a photo editor like photoshop, paint, or whatever you have and size it to:

Printable 4.5” x 6.5”

Frame 5”x7”

Print the printable and frame template on card stock – White cardstock for the printable and whatever color you want the frame to be.

With the help of a ruler or straight edge cut the printable to size.  Then cut out the frame and the rectangle inside.

Glue the Subway Art in the center of the card base*

Glue the frame over the Subway Art making sure to align it with the card’s edges.

Great! Simple right?

* If you aren’t using pre-made card bases you can make your own with card stock.

Cut out a rectangular piece of card stock in the color you want.  It must measure 10” in width and 7” in length.

Fold it vertically in half

For a crisp fold use a credit card or other straight edge and run it over the fold

Subway Art Mother's Day CardYour card will measure 5”x7” and will fit in an A7 envelope if you choose to use and envelope.

At this point your card is good to go, but if you want to dress it up you can.

I used gold embossing powder and heat gun to highlight Happy Mother’s Day.

You can use markers, paint, glitter glue, or whatever you have on hand to dress up your card.

Get creative and have fun!  Mom will love her Mother’s Day Card this year!

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