While I was at 5 Below I also picked up a few empty mini spray bottles. For $1 I figured we’d use them for something this summer. I saw a recipe to make your own spray chalk and gave it a try. It took a few minutes to make and these little bottles have lasted us a while. I bought a set of Watercolor Magic colors on Amazon. They seem pricey but they are amazing. The color washes out SO easy. My kid hands and clothes were covered in paint after this activity and it washed right out. These are great to have on hand for all kinds of crafts with kids.



Supplies: spray bottles, Watercolor Magic (you can use food coloring too, but I have no idea how that would stain), baking soda and cornstarch


Directions: Put some baking soda and cornstarch in the bottles – a little of each, filling the bottle about 1/3 of the way. Add in some of the Watercolor Magic. Fill the rest of the bottle with warm water and shake it up. Then spray on the sidewalk!


My girls had fun spraying it on their hands and making chalk handprints. The spray goes onto the sidewalk like paint and dries really pretty like chalk.