Looking for a cute homemade gift kids can make for Mother’s Day? Check out this tutorial for making a handmade picture frame craft decorated with Scrabble tiles or wooden letter tiles. It’s absolutely adorable and would make such a special gift!

I love handmade and meaningful gifts from kids. This homemade picture frame using Scrabble tiles (or wooden letter tiles) is such a cute gift for kids to make for Mother’s Day. After decorating the frame, children can place a special picture inside and give it to Mom, Grandma, or any other special person in their lives.

I love that you can use real Scrabble tiles (like in the photos below). You can often find old Scrabble games at garage sales or thrift stores. You can also now easily purchase similar wooden tiles at your local craft store or online!


Materials for DIY Scrabble Tiles Picture Frame Craft for Mother’s Day

  • Plain, wooden picture frame in whichever size you prefer (You can purchase frames at your local craft store. Here’s some options online: 5×7 frames, 4×6 frames.)
  • Acrylic paint(s)
  • Tacky glue or hot glue gun
  • Scrabble tiles or wooden letter tiles (like these or these)
  • Baker’s twine or yarn
  • Buttons


Directions for Scrabble Picture Frame Craft

This craft really allows for kids to get creative and personalize their homemade gift in a special way by allowing them to choose whichever color or colors they’d like to use for painting, coming up with their own words for the frame, and adding special touches at the end!

1. Start by painting your frame with acrylic paint. Paint it all one color or let kids paint it multiple colors. Let it dry completely. (We chose to paint ours in turquoise and used a few touches of white to make it look more aged and vintage.)

paint your frame


2. Decide what lettering you will be using for your frame. You can spell out “Mom”, “Mother”, “Aunt” etc. or even someone’s name. Children can also spell out words like “love” or “family”. There are tons of options!


3. Before gluing the letter tiles onto your frame, be sure to play around with them and make sure they fit. Younger children might find it easier to do just one word, while older children might want to do multiple words that intersect.


4. Glue your tiles in place on your frame using a strong glue like Tacky glue or a hot glue gun.

DIY Scrabble Tiles Picture Frame Craft for Mother’s Day


5. Optional: Add some details to your frame. You can wrap twine or yarn around one side and/or glue buttons on it.

DIY Scrabble Tiles Picture Frame Craft for Mother’s Day



6. Place a special photo inside and give it to someone special!

DIY Scrabble Tiles Picture Frame Craft for Mother’s Day

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