I prefer celebrating St Patrick’s day with bright rainbows (and…pots of gold!) over the usual green theme. Especially when it’s been a dreary, wet, muggy week like the one we’ve had here in San Francisco. Today I’ll show you how to make this pretty rainbow table runner that you can use for a St Patrick’s Day party, birthday party, or just to brighten your afternoon tea parties.

Supplies for table runner: Craft felt in a rainbow of colors, scissors, chalk marker (or pen), ruler, cotton strip of fabric, heat and bond iron on adhesive sheets, sewing machine and white thread.

Supplies for pots of gold: Mini mason jars, masking tape black or chalkboard spray paint, gold coins. Keep reading to see the full tutorial…

Step One: With your ruler and chalk marker, make marks on a piece of felt every 2 inches.

Step Two: Draw diagonal lines up so you’re making 5 triangles per felt sheet
Step Three: Carefully cut out your triangles. Repeat steps 1-3 on all the colors you’re using for the runner.

Step Four: Line up a rainbow strip of colors, markings side up on your ironing board. Match them up right against each other as neatly as possible (it might not be perfect).

Step Five: Cut a strip of heat and bond paper the size of your rainbow strip and place on top. Bumpy side down, touching the felt triangles. With a hot iron, iron the sheet to the felt which will adhere it.
Step Six: Trim the edges of the heat and bond sheet off.

Step Seven: Cut a piece of cotton fabric the width of your triangles and finish the edges on the sewing machine

Step Eight: Peel off the paper backing from the heat and bond sheet and place sticky side up on the ironing board.
Step Nine: Lay your white fabric carefully on top of the felt triangles (sticky side is up) and iron it on. Work in sections and use steam if necessary. Continue ironing until the entire section is adhered.

Step Ten: Repeat on the rest of your rainbow sets until the length you desire is complete. Make sure when you’re adding sections together that you’re careful to line them up right against each other.

For the pots of gold I spray painted mini mason jars with chalkboard paint and filled with fake coins. Writing names on the pots of gold would be a nice touch for a children’s party or for place settings.

Find adorable kids to join you in the celebration!