Last month as I was planning on a simple birthday dinner for my son and one of my grandsons I was told that my twin 5 year old grandkids were expecting a major birthday party.  They were insisting on games, a pinata, and all the accoutrements of a “real” birthday party.

This was all good except we were in the middle of a global pandemic and under a statewide hurricane warning.  No one wanted to venture into the stores where tons of people were preparing for a hurricane in busy crowded stores.  (If you’ve never been thru a hurricane warning and preparation well, think back to the toilet paper/hand sanitizer hoarding and shortages of last March.  Ya, I’m sure you get the idea.  Lots of people grabbing for toilet paper, bottled water, and canned goods!)

So what to do, what to do?  Face a pair of very irate 5 year olds demanding a real party or risk life and limb trying to get to a party supply store?  Well we opted for the middle route.  My son had to venture in to Walmart for something or other so he popped in just before closing and luckily found a pinata and grabbed a couple of bags of fillers too.  My husband and I had gone grocery shopping a few days earlier in anticipation of both the birthday dinner and the hurricane so we had purchased an ice cream cake, we did forget the candles, but you do your best given the circumstances.

The morning of the birthday dinner this Nana got to work, using materials I had in my craft room, templates, and instructions from the net I was able to whip up some cute party hats, blowers, and even come up with a pin the tail on the donkey game!

It’s really not too hard and you don’t need a lot of fancy materials, whatever you have on hand will do.  It just takes a bit of time and a bit of imagination.  You can make them as simple or as fancy as you want depending on materials you have on hand.  Trust me however you make them the kids will love them!

I used this free template from First Pallet to make the hats.  Click here for the template!

I cut each hat out of different colored cardstock.  It worked perfectly, I used each child’s favorite color!

Using my computer I made these Llama stickers – I uploaded the design I created and printed them out on blank sticker sheets.  (If you don’t have sticker sheets you can print them on paper and glue them on to the hats.)

The cardstock had to be cut from the template and then shaped into a cone, then stapled to make the hat.  I then placed the Llama sticker on the front of the hat, trimmed the bottom edge with washi tape, and stapled curled ribbons on the top of the cones.  I made holes on either side of the hat and threaded lengths of ribbon thru them to use as ties.  You can use elastic if you have some.

If you don’t have curled ribbon you can use pompoms and other things to embellish the hats, or you can just leave them undecorated.  You can also wrap the hat in colorful wrapping paper, use rick rack or whatever you have on hand.

As an added bonus I made extra stickers for blank craft bags which I used as favor bags and tied with ribbons.

I found instructions for Giant Party Blowers from Oh Happy Day 

I modified them to make regular sized blowers as I didn’t have enough empty TP or Paper towel rolls and had to use straws.  It worked out.  But next time I’m going to try to make the giant ones, they look like fun!

Click here for instructions from Oh Happy Day!


As for games, well we played limbo, all you need is a stick and music, super easy!  We also had the Pinata, so that kept them happy.  Then to top it off we played pin the tail on the donkey with this adorable free printable from the Crafting Chicks!

Click here for that printable game!



These simple DIY party gear didn’t take a lot of time, but they sure made a couple of kids very happy!