Mesh Wreath

Mesh Christmas Wreath Photo by Savvy Nana

I love wreaths!  Nothings says “Welcome” better than a beautiful wreath on the front door.  But I don’t limit myself to just one wreath, I hang them throughout my home.  Here is the wreath I made to hang in my family room this Christmas.

It’s easy and inexpensive to make.  It cost me less than $15 to make using a wire form and mesh ribbon I purchased at Walmart.  It’s embellished with snowflake & “Joy” ornaments also from Walmart (you get a box containing 12 of each for $2.97 a box, You only use a few of each and have extra for other porjects) and felt coasters I got from Bed Bath & Beyond, a set  of 4 for $1.99.

1.  I used pipe cleaners to tie the mesh on the form and used 2 different color mesh ribbon.  You can use any color ribbons and use floral wire to attach it.  Here is a great mesh wreath tutorial from Mardi Gras Outlet.

2.  I attached the ribbons in a circular pattern stating at the inner ring and worked my way out.  I made one layer of each color attaching them at different points to give it the woven look.  After I had both colors on the form I used any remaining ribbon to fill in any bare spots, weaving them in and through the already attached ribbons.  I added a large bow made from spare velvet ribbon to a bare spot.

3.  I laid out the snowflake & Joy ornaments and the felt coasters.  I placed them on the wreath to get an idea of placement.

4.  I used hot glue sticks to glue the snowflake ornament on top of the coaster, then glued the Joy ornament on top of the snowflake.  I glued the 3 pieces onto the wreath at various points.

5.  To finish off I tied thin ribbons to a snowflake and Joy ornament which I attached to the wreath under the velvet bow so it would dangle in the middle of the wreath.

You have to fluff and tweak the mesh ribbon to arrange it the way you want it so it covers any bare spots.