Mardi Gras
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Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, is right around the corner, it’s on February 17, 2015.  Mardi Gras is celebrated the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.  It marks the last day that folks can indulge in rich food and drink before the fasting and abstinence begins for the Lenten season which runs from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.

 In some places such as Venice and Rio de Janeiro the celebration called Carnivale or Carnival, begins in early February culminating on Fat Tuesday.  It’s a time for eating, drinking, and all out partying until the sun rises on Ash Wednesday.

 A big part of Mardi Gras celebrations are masks.  The tradition in Venice dates back to the Renaissance when artisans created elaborate masks and costumes for the wealthy, it was outlawed in the late 1700s and slowly made a comeback in the late 1900s.

Today there are many shops around the city specializing in reviving the almost forgotten craft.  Their handcrafted masks are works of art carrying a hefty price tag.

Mardi Gras
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For your Mardi Gras celebration you need not fly to Venice to purchase a mask.  Here’s a round up of DIY masks you can make.  There are many lovely ideas and many are easy and inexpensive to make.  You may want to make one or two even if you’re not having a Mardi Gras event, you can always use them as decor around your home.
Here’s a super easy video tutorial help you out.  It uses supplies that you probably already have, cardboard, glue stick, construction paper, craft paint, etc.  The kids will love making them!
Mardi Gras
Courtesy of Thrift Store Runway
Learn how to make this feather mask using thrift store finds.  Thrift Store Runway will show you how.
Click here for instructions.
Mardi Gras
Courtesy of DIY Louisville
Here’s another feather mask by DIY Louisville.
Click here for instructions.
Mardi Gras
Courtesy of Keep Calm and Craft On

Here’s a lace mask from Keep Calm and 

Click here for instructions.
Mardi Gras Here’s a tutorial on how to make a Venetian type mask.  It’s a bit more involved and the tutorial by Stitchophrenia is in 3 parts.  Click on this link and scroll down – Part One is at the bottom, Part Two above it, and Part Three above Part Two.
Here are cute masks from First Palette.  Click here for instructions.  Click here for templates.
Mardi GrasCourtesy of First Palette
Mardi Gras
Make this sparkle mask by Aida Mollenkamp!  Learn how here!
For more Mardi Gras ideas follow my Mardi Gras board on Pinterest!