The Savvy Nana 4th of July DIY Banner

With only a few more weeks until the 4th of July, it’s time to start planning your celebrations.

Hi, it’s Tonya again and I’m sharing a simple do-it-yourself banner that’s perfect for hanging above your food station, on your mantel, or along the windows to decorate your home this 4th of July.

Supplies needed:

  • burlap
  • scrap paper
  • twine in two colors
  • hole punch
  • scissors


My burlap came in ready-cut rectangles, but if you have a large sheet or strip, cut it into even sized pieces.

Cut a triangle into the bottom of one piece of burlap. Using that piece as a template, cut the remainder so they are all the same.

Cut a piece of the scrap paper into a similar shape, only smaller. Again, use this first piece as a template to create the others.

Place the paper on top of the burlap, and then using the hole punch, punch two holes into the top.

DIY July 4th Banner

Cut small pieces of twine in one color and tie the paper to the burlap.

DIY July 4th Banner

Using the second color of twine, thread through the holes of each piece of burlap until all of the pieces are joined together.

DIY July 4th Banner

And there you have it, a red, white, and blue banner ready to hang for your 4th of July celebrations.

how to make a red white and glue banner for DIY July 4th Banner

Have you started planning your 4th of July celebrations yet?

These banners also look great hung on your own fences, strung from the outdoor lights and displayed above your buffet table or wherever you happen to be serving the meat. Throw a few mini flags in there and refer to it as done!

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