DIY Gilded Photo Hangers

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I think all Moms love family and baby photos.  I know I do!  I have family pictures hanging all over my house, in photo albums, on my laptop, smart phone, and tablet.  Who doesn’t these days?  But I’m always looking for creative ways to display photos.

DIY Gilded Photo HangersEarlier this year I used an address plaque to make a decoupage photo hanger to display my grandkids’ pictures.  I’m so happy with it I wanted to make one for each of my daughters and daughter-in-law, and Mother’s Day is the perfect time to give it to them.

I was going to use address plaques, but on a recent trip to the craft store I found thin wood plaques with rope hangers on sale for about $4 each, so much cheaper than address plaques and would do just as well.

I had decoupaged the one I originally made using letters I cut on my Cricut Explore, but lately I’ve discovered metallic transfer foils.  It’s so easy to use I just had to use it for this project.

DIY Gilded Photo HangersThat’s how I came up with these DIY Gilded Photo Hangers!

I made stencils of phrases I thought appropriate then rubbed the stenciled letters with Therm O Web Deco Foil.  Pretty easy!

I’m sharing the templates for the phrases here!

You can adjust it to the size you need, print it, then cut out the letters.  To adjust the size download the template and open it in a photo editor like Photo Shop or you can use, a free online photo editor.

If you have a Cricut you can upload it onto your project then cut it with the machine.

You can cut the stencils out of Dura Lar clear film or card stock.

The 3 phrases are:

…because every picture tells a story…

The Best of Times

Every family has a story…  Welcome to ours….

You can download all three templates by clicking here!

Here’s how you can make your own DIY Gilded Photo Hangers!

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Wood Craft Plaques – the plaques I used had rope attached to the top for hanging.  If your plaques don’t have rope already attached you will have to attach a length of jute twine to the back for hanging.  Attach them with staples.

Spray Paint – Any color you want  – I used Design Master’s Tint It in Metallic Bronze, Metallic Silver, and Yellow


Thermo Web Foil Transfer Adhesive

Thermo Web Deco Foil – Any color you want – I used Gold & Turquoise

Mod Podge Clear Sealer – Matte Finish

Plastic Putty Scraper or a credit card will do

2 Drawer Pulls – any style you like

Jute Twine

Clothes Pins


Tape – masking or painter’s tape works best if you have some.  I couldn’t find my roll of painter’s tape and had to make do with regular tape.  Don’t stick tape on too firmly as it may peel off paint when removed.

Sponge brush

How To:

DIY Gilded Photo HangersDrill holes on both ends of the plaque.  Make the holes large enough to fit the screw end of the door pull.

Spray paint your plaque the color you want and let it dry completely.  At least 1 hour.

Place the stencil where you want the words to be then secure it in place with tape.

Squeeze small amounts of transfer adhesive in the stencil filling in the letters.

Using the sponge brush lightly spread the adhesive within the letters.  Be careful not to let the adhesive seep under the stencil.

DIY Gilded Photo HangersWhen you’ve filled in all the letters gently lift the stencil off.  Lift straight up so you don’t smear the adhesive on the plaque.

You should be able to clearly see the letters, they will be slightly raised off the surface.

Let the adhesive dry a few minutes.  It should be tacky but not liquidy.

Place a strip of Deco Foil SHINEY side up over the letters.  The side you want to show should be facing you, the dull side should be on the plaque.

Rub the foil on to the letters.  Use a credit card or putty scraper to firmly rub the foil.  You should see the outlines of the letters on the foil as you rub.

DIY Gilded Photo HangersWhen you’ve rubbed in all the letters lift the foil off.

Screw in the drawer pulls.

Attach a length of twine between the drawer pulls leaving some slack so the twine curves down a bit.

Secure pictures on the twine with clothespins.

Easy peasy!

Your DIY Gilded Photo Hanger is ready for hanging or gifting!

It’ll make the perfect Mother’s Day gift!  After all Mom’s love to display photos, Nana’s too!



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