Help your kids make a fun and colorful candle! Then plan a backyard sleepover and let them light the night with their homemade candle.

Hello Pinup Mom friends! I’m so excited to share this fun homemade candle tutorial here today. My name is Camille and I blog on Grow Fork where I share delicious recipes, fun crafts, easy DIY projects and real family life. Today I’m sharing this colorful candle that my 8 year old daughter and I made for Mother’s Day.

I recently discovered candle making and I love it! This summer I made my first homemade citronella candles for our camping trip. My daughter saw a DIY candle tutorial on YouTube and wanted to try this colorful craft. Since I had candle making supplies on hand, we spent some time making them together.

Keep the kids entertained this summer by making your own candles! Wax colored with melted crayons make for a colorful DIY candle kids love to make.

To make homemade crayon candles you will need wax, wicks, old crayons, and containers. You can see in my citronella candle post which supplies I used. To color the wax for these candles, my daughter picked out 4 different colors of crayons. The first time we broke the crayon in to 4 pieces and it took forever to melt. It’s best if you can grate or chop the crayons in to the smallest pieces possible.

To melt the wax, I created a double boiler using an empty coffee can and a pot. Fill the pot with about 1-2 inches of water and bring to a slow simmer. Add the wax to the coffee can and allow the wax to melt until clear. I used an old spatula to help stir.

Once the wax is melted, turn the burner down to low. You want to keep the wax warm, but making the layers takes a bit of time. Work one color at a time. Pour hot wax in to the bowl or container with the broken crayon. Use a craft stick to stir and allow the crayon to melt. Because our crayons weren’t in small pieces, they never melted completely. I just stirred the wax around and poured the wax in the jar keeping the chunks of crayon in the bowl. This is also the point where you would add any essential oils if you want to have a scented candle. We used 1 drop of lavender oil per layer.

Place a wick in the jar and then carefully pour the wax in to the jar. I didn’t use anything to secure the wick. I just let the wax hold it in place. You can twist it around a pencil to help keep it straight.

Once you’ve poured a layer, put it in the fridge to set. If you use soy wax, this will take a bit. I found that regular wax sets up faster. When the layer is cool and firm, start again with the next crayon and the next layer. Continue on until you run out of room for layers.

Once the last layer is set, your candle is ready to burn! I hope you and your kids have a fun summer full of creating and making memories!