Trends are more than passing fads. Trend forecasts determine how technological and cultural changes will influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. This article on craft / DIY trends for 2021 is intended to help you make informed choices for your business and improve your product offering. So let’s take a look at the direction our sector is taking and let’s explore the trends that will shape the craft sector in 2021.

Colour trends for 2021

The BEHR Color Trends 2021 palette is a colour selection with  the colours that will be be everywhere next year.

When it comes to predicting colour trends, Pantone is also a popular name.

Published for the fashion industry by the Pantone Color Institute, this season’s report presents the top ten most influential colours, as well as the five current classics that fashion designers are expected to feature in their new spring/summer collections. Discover them on the Pantone website.

In 2021, make things with your hands

In this world of trends, creativity is particularly highlighted. The emphasis here is on making objects with our own hands and working with raw materials such as leather, concrete, plaster and clay. There are interesting techniques for achieving stunning surface effects with irregular, original and imperfect textures. For example, an amalgam of pebbles and scraps can be poured into a mould to create a rough, matte-looking concrete. In addition, delicate natural materials such as algae, willow and rattan will be used extensively in 2021. These materials are braided, knotted or woven and are used as natural home accessories such as seat cushions, table tops and curtains.

Transform your old stuff / Upcycling

This trend is aimed at the younger generation. The emphasis here is on creativity, and on the personalisation of everyday objects, be it graffiti, knitted or macramé. It is the personal touch that makes backpacks, pencil cases, hooded sweatshirts, laptop cases or even furniture unique pieces. The art of  mixing takes on its full meaning here: tools such as markers, brushes, sheet transfers or resin can be used

Ecological DIY crafts

This is not a trend, but a need; the impact of our actions on the environment is more evident than ever! Are you looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly in when producing your DIY crafts? There are many blogs where we help you to recycle old objects, find alternatives to plastic and recycle everything in the name of nature and craftsmanship!

Environmental issues affect the lives of people all over the world. They are problems even for experienced craftsmen. In order to achieve a more sustainable world, it will be extremely important to preserve natural processes and craftsmanship in the future.

Traditional crafts are making a come back

The hobbies of the past are making a comeback! It’s often said that everything comes back into style, and that certainly rings true for crafting. Trends from the past that we once fondly enjoyed are beginning to be recognised once again as new generations discover them. Hobbies such as jigsaw puzzles, macrame, or candle making have seen a great evolution in terms of popularity.

Why not take a journey back in time and revive a craft or hobby you once loved?

Digital creations are also gaining in popularity

From podcasts to digital cutting, to sharing on social networks, digital in 2020 was ultra prominent, and it will remain so in 2021

Digital craftsmanship involves using your computer or tablet to print or cut out designs. It’s as simple as printing any other document. You can create just about anything you can imagine: scrapbook pages, drawings, interior decoration… Just download free SVG files from many sites that you can use for your creations.

.If you like cutting, at the touch of a button, you can cut any shape, no matter complex, in the blink of an eye. Machines are available with different blades to fit almost any material, from paper to wood.  For this you can use files of the SVG “Scalable vector graphics” type, i.e. digital images that can be enlarged without losing their definition. Just cut them out with your digital cutting machine – it’s easy.

Craftsmanship will have to be profitable in 2021

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us, and you will probably need to increase revenue in your handmade craft business. There are a number of quality craft products to be made and sold and you need to find items for which there is demand. If your business’s revenue has dropped and you’re looking for new ways for it to make money, consider making crafts.

When making crafts, it is always good to know where you will sell the products. The best places to sell your production online are Facebook groups, Whatsapp groups, and market places like Amazon or Etsy.

You can also start your own website where to sell your DIY products, and launch your own blog, and teach people how to make handicrafts or write informative articles about your achievements.

Making crafts according to the time of year can also be very profitable. Think of DIY for Halloween, Christmas or Autumn. You can also tailor your designs for children.

Here are some ideas for  2021:

– Glitter cups

– Decorated wine glasses

– Tablecloths

– Personalised button badges

– Refrigerator magnets

– Dispenser for hand washing products

– Knitted scarves

– Personalised key rings

– Necklaces

– Personalised hair accessories

– Handmade aprons

– Motivational quotes

– You can also create crafting kits that allow others to make your designs.

2021, one year, four seasons, and many opportunities to make handicrafts! In this article, we tried to look into our crystal ball to find out what approaches you need to take to make 2021 the most creative year of your life, and to reach a wider audience.