I love candy, cookie, dessert, and all other sweets buffets or bars.  All types of buffet/bars are a great way to show case foods and make an impressive display at any event.  I also love the idea that guests can choose their own goodies to eat at the event or take home.  It’s a wonderful way to thank guests for attending.

We try to include some type of bar/buffet at all our indoor events and some of our outdoor ones as well.  You can actually make virtually any kind of buffet you want as long as it’s presented nicely.

We recently had just 24 hours to organize a cookie buffet for my sister’s birthday party.  We didn’t have time to bake a cookie assortment so we had to use store bought.  We decided to use mostly Oreos, they now come in a variety of flavors from Birthday Cake to Watermelon.  We added some chocolate dipped shortbread cookies, fun size Cookies & Cream Hershey Bars, and made our own chocolate chip cookie sandwiches  from chewy Chips Ahoy and canned frosting.

All the items when placed in pretty jars and containers made for an impressive display.  The birthday girl and her guests were all impressed!

Here are some tips on how to make your own cookie buffet for your next event.  It’s easy and fun.  With a bit of planning and some imagination you can wow your guests and create a memorable event.

1.  Bake or buy an assortment of cookies.  You will need a minimum of 6 different types.

2.  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HLR1PGS/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=211189&creative=373489&creativeASIN=B00HLR1PGS&link_code=as3&tag=savnanscor-20&linkId=O7IUASPAFFLZVOPSGather your containers.  I like to use glass containers like mason jars, cookie jars, apothecary jars, and silver and glass trays and bowls for all my buffets.  I try not to use anything plastic, specially for indoor events.  However if your party is outdoors and children will be allowed to serve themselves I recommend using pretty plastic trays and bowls and acrylic canisters you can find in discount stores or on Amazon.com.

 Apothecary Jars from Amazon.com

3.  Gather tongs, scoops, and other serving utensils.

4.  Gather decor:  Backdrops, table clothes, stands, toys, etc.  To create interest have different heights of containers, stands, trays and other displays.  A great alternative to stands are books and boxes, you can gift wrap them to match your theme and colors.  Don’t forget cake stands and other tiered servers!

Cake Stands from Amazon.com


5.  Buy bags or plates for guests to put their goodies in.  For themed events you can buy “goodie bags” that are theme or color specific.  Consider using alternative containers such as Chinese take out boxes to add more fun.

Chinese Takeout Favor Boxes from Amazon.com

6.  Print table cards that identify each item.  You can also create a sign for your bar, it could be a photo, it can say ” Birthday childs’ name Cookie Bar”, or whatever else you want.  Signs, photos, etc.  should be framed or placed on an easel to prop it up.

7.  Before your party place your table where you want it to be, cover with your table covering, decorate the table and surrounding area with banners, balloons, backdrops, etc.  Then  arrange trays, stands, and other decor on your covered buffet table.  You can use linen or disposable table cloths that match your theme or color scheme.  For indoor events I prefer linens, I only use plastic as a last resort or if the event is outdoors.

7.  Place your cookies in the serving containers and place  table cards that identifies cookie in front of each of the corresponding container.  Do this closer to party time, specially if event is out doors.  You don’t want the cookies to get stale and you definitely don’t want bugs on them.

You may have to replenish supplies during the party so keep back up cookies and candies nearby.  It would help if you appointed someone to keep an eye on the buffet so that jars can be replenished when needed.

You may have noticed that I have a strange aversion to plastic containers and table cloths.  They have their place, specially outdoors by the pool, but in my opinion glass, metal, and wood containers, and cloth/linens look so much better.  I avoid using anything plastic other than acrylic tongs and scoops whenever possible.

Let your imagination run free,  you can use anything to decorate your buffet and make it fun.  You don’t have to stick with floral arrangements, you probably have lots of knick knacks laying around the house you can use.  For kids’ parties raid the toy box!

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