Cookie Bouquet

One of the centerpieces we used for my grandchildren’s “Onederland” first birthday party are cookie bouquets.  These centerpieces did double duty as game prizes as well.

Cookie Bouquets are great for centerpieces, dessert table decor, and gifts.  Not only are they are very easy and inexpensive to make they’re yummy too!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Base – I used a mason jar, but you can use whatever you want including vases, tin pails, or boxes.

Filler – I used candy.  Because it was basically Alice in Wonderland themed I used heart jelly beans I had left over from another party.
You can use foam stuck on the bottom of the container, dry beans, marbles, or whatever you have on hand.

Sticks – 8″ and 6″ Cookie sticks.  I used the Wilton sticks but you can use lollipop sticks, chopsticks, or wooden barbecue sticks.



Clear bags

Cookies – I used Alice in Wonderland cookies I bought from Etsy.  You can use your favorite cookies, either store bought or homemade

How to make it:

1.  Bake cookies with sticks inserted in them if you are making your own cookies and place each cookie pop in a clear treat bag (you can skip bagging them, but I like to bag them to keep them clean during transport) OR if using store bought cookies place each cookie in a clear treat bag and tape sticks to the back of the bag.  Tie bags to the stick using thin ribbons.

2.  Fill container halfway with your filler.  If you’re using styrofoam glue foam to the bottom of the container and cover with filler to hide.

3.  Stick the cookies into the jar arranging them how you like.

4.  Tie ribbon around the container and decorate with tags or stickers.