When I was in London earlier this month I stumbled upon this wall clock in Oliver Bonas. While I didn’t take home the clock (though I did buy a super cute scarf and some adorable rose gold spoons) I left with some inspiration to try my own DIY version. This DIY color block wall clock is super easy to make—no previous crafting or painting skills are required!

I decided to hang mine in my home studio but it’s a great wall accessory for a living room or bedroom. My version uses the same coral and navy color palette as the one I spotted but you can use whatever color palette you like so it matches your décor.

DIY Color block Wall Clock




wood clock panel
clock mechanism
wood stain
coral paint
painter’s tape
3/8″ wide balsa wood strip
dark blue paint
super glue
foam brush + paint brush
pencil + ruler


  1. Use a foam brush to apply wood stain to just over half of the front of the wood panel. Paint the edges too and then use a paper towel to wipe away excess stain. Allow the stain to dry. Be sure to paint and wipe in the direction of the wood grain.
  2. Apply painter’s tape down the middle so the unstained side is masked off. Paint one coat of coral paint, allow it to dry, and paint a second coat.
  3. Use a pencil and ruler to measure out 12 – 1.25″ pieces on the balsa wood strip. Cut them with scissors.
  4. Paint the little wood pieces on the tops and sides. Allow them to dry completely.
  5. Arrange the painted wood pieces evenly around the clock. Use super glue to glue each piece into place.
  6. Assemble the clock mechanism according to the direction on the package and you’re done! I used Command Strips to hang my clock on the wall.


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