Most people are afraid of getting older. Some people learn to embrace that this is part of life, and there’s no point dwelling on it. For a lot of us, old age is scary as it seems like there’s nothing to look forward to. We spend our whole lives working towards retirement, but then within a few years, we feel old and gray. 

Generally, a lot of the worries surrounding old age stem from myths or misinformation. You have preconceptions as to what it’s like being an old person, and it worries you. With that in mind, let’s go through some of the biggest misconceptions and debunk them all for you right now!

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Everything hurts as you get older

You always hear about elderly people with back or joint pain, living their lives on so many different medications. While it’s true that you become weaker as you age – and therefore more prone to injuries – there’s no guarantee that you will be in pain. In fact, if you exercise and keep your bones and joints healthy, there’s no reason to assume you’ll have any pain at all. Some people actually feel better when they’re older, mainly because they have the freedom to be more active and not sit at a desk all day!


You will be put in a care home

Again, not necessarily true at all. Yes, some elderly people will need to be put into specialist care homes. However, this is only the case in certain circumstances. As it says on, people with life-limiting illnesses require specialist care services. If you suffer from cancer or another illness that requires constant assistance, then you will have to live in a care facility. The same applies to anyone who is no longer independent and is a risk to themselves by staying at home. But, a huge majority of elderly people never even enter a care home. Actually, you might not need any care services whatsoever.


You’ll be sick all the time

Lastly, there is a misconception that old people are sick all the time. Once more, part of this myth is founded on facts. It is true that the older you get, the weaker your immune system tends to be. Therefore, you’re more at risk of getting sick. However, this doesn’t mean that you will walk around all the time feeling ill! If you look after yourself and follow healthy habits, you can easily keep sickness at bay. Plus, if you’re hygienic and make sure you wash your hands a lot, you can further reduce the chances of being sick. To think that you will spend all of your golden years fighting various illnesses is nothing short of silly. 


In reality, there’s no need to be scared about getting older. It will happen to everyone, and there’s no way to stop this. Stop listening to all the myths and things that you see people talking about. You can still live a happy, healthy, and active life while your hair is turning gray.