Halloween Gift TagsHalloween is less than two weeks away!  Yay!!  Halloween is my favorite holiday, next to Christmas that is. I love giving out treats, specially to the grandkids’ classmates. That’s why this year I made these adorable Halloween Gift Tags!

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As you can see I personalized them with the gift giver’s name so that each grandchild has his own set of Halloween Gift Tags to use.  I love them because they’re super cute and best of all we don’t have to write the kid’s name on each and every treat bag we’ll be sending to school.

Okay these Halloween Gift Tags I made for the kids are sort of labor intensive.  That’s because I was playing around with my handy dandy Cricut electronic cutting machine.  It’s a very cool machine and I just love it!

Anyway I printed the “Happy Halloween” and “from..” on white cardstock, then the Cricut cut out each card.   I love how my home printer is synced to the Cricut so just a couple of clicks sets it in motion.  (I had to design each Halloween Gift Tag in the Cricut Design Space, you get access to it once you set up a free account.)   The I printed and cut each picture; monster, haunted house, and so forth.

Halloween gift tagsOnce I had all the pieces to my Halloween Gift Tags I used double stick foam tape  to give it dimension.  You can pick up double stick tape from any craft store or even Walmart’s craft department.

You can see the depth in this Monster tag, see the shadow behind him?  Kind of cool right?

Then I decided it was too plain so I had the Cricut cut out colored cardstock must a bit bigger than the Halloween Gift Tags.  I glued the tags to the colored cardstock and I was done.

I know a bit labor intensive, specially if you don’t have a Cricut cutting machine.  But I really wanted to share these Halloween Gift Tags with you so I made a printable version complete with the colored background!

Just click on the link below and download the free printable.  Then print them out on your home printer and cut out each tag.

If you want to be a bit fancier you can cut out the figures and past them on to blank cardstock that you’ve cut to size.

Oh, before I forget the Halloween Gift Tags I’m sharing aren’t personalized, but you can personalize them with your child’s name easily.  Just download each tag, upload them into a photo editing app like Photoshop and add text to the bottom.  Save and print!

If you don’t have a photo editor try picmonkey.com it’s a free online photo editor.  I subscribe to it, it’s fantastic!

Hope you love these Halloween Gift Tags as much as we do.  Send us pix of the ones you make!

So here are the printable tags!

Click here to download all 5 Halloween Gift Tags.

halloween gift tags

Halloween Gift Tags

Halloween Gift tags









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