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If you are here, then one of your good friends just had a baby and you want to congratulate her on this significant event. We suppose that in this moment you have no idea of what to present to a young parent, so we have prepared a list of great gifts for your dear person.

You can get anything that you think to be suitable or just useful; the modern world allows us forget about the traditions and celebrate the children’s birth as the other significant dates. However, if you are devoted to traditions or just want to accentuate a child’s birthday – we added some gifts for a baby too (for the new mother, actually, as a newborn do not need a food processor, but needs a puree that can be cooked with its help and the mother’s cooking ideas). In general, just keep in mind, that a gift should please and cheer up – this is the only aim of presenting something, no matter to whom and for what event. Our gifts collection meets all the demands of yours, so you can pick any item from the list below and be sure that a young mother will feel appreciated and be grateful for your care about her mood, life and health. And of her little child, of course.

We provide you with a magnificent gift guide for the women and their newborns! We sincerely hope, that you will find a lot of things to get to a close person.

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Best Gifts for New Moms

1. Cute Toy

A toy is one of the most suitable, nice and warm things that we can get to our close people. Every woman, who has tender heart and kind soul, experiencing the highest degree of sympathy after giving a birth to a little child, will appreciate such a sweet gift.

Aurora World Lop Eared Bunny


2. Night Light

Night lights help create the cozy and relaxing atmosphere, as well as functions perfectly for those who hate the total darkness. A creative night light can be a good gift for both, a child and the mother, as it says that you want more light in their lives.

 Unicorn 3D Lights

Unicorns are super in right now!

3. Book for Kids

Even if a child does not understand  speech yet, a lot of experts say that the earlier the babies hear our words, the earlier they start to speak. We believe the scientists and advise you to present a wonderful book to the young parents for their child to develop the intellectual skills faster.

Stuart Little by E. B White 

This is classic. The books that have passed the decades and that helped a lot of kids to understand what kindness, wit, smartness and cuteness is, deserve a lot of attention. Stuart Little belongs to such kind of books, so we highly recommend this as a gift for any event that is connected with children.

Gifts for First Time Moms

1. Comforter

A microfiber comforter is a perfect thing that can provide a true rest. Unfortunately, such things are quite pricey, so they are usually presented as a gift and are appreciated with thankfulness and happiness. Even if your friend already has one, be sure that such things are always needed and come in handy.

LINENSPA All-Season White Comforter

We have fallen in love with this comforter. It is so tempting, soft and bursting with coziness! It is the thing of the exceptional quality and will relax even those, who have allergies. Now everybody can have a rest without any disturbances.

2. Gel Pillows

Pillows that are chosen improperly can hurt a body. Someone say that the proper pillows should be picked up with the help of a specialist, but the progress in quality on market has reached the point, when anyone can find an item without a professional advice. The pillow set below meets any requirements.

Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow (2-Pack)

These pillows are made of super plush gel fiber that can put into shame all the other pillow producers! Dust mite, mold, mildew resistant, completely allergen and chemical free – they are must-haves in any house!

3. Bed Sheet Set

Bed sheet set is a very thoughtful and cool gift for any occasion. It will glad your close person every day and allow her have the proper rest, what is essential for a new mother, who really needs to be full of energy. Rest as a present is just perfect.

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set

Feel refreshed with this amazing set of bed sheet! It is fade, stain, shrink and wrinkle resistant, so a young mummy will have no additional troubles with this. It is made of microfiber that proves that it will last at least forever, so such a gift will please any true host and mother.

Christmas Gifts for New Moms

1. Incense Stick Burner Holder

And now it is time for really warm gifts for Christmas! A cool incense stick burner holder, that will match any interior, create any mood and highlight any occasion, opens this category.

Porcelain Decorative Flower Incense Burner Bowl

Porcelain Decorative Flower Incense Burner Bowl
This bowl is the thing of a sophistication. Just imagine, how many hours of relaxation, full of stunning smells, it can bring! Additionally, it is so feminine and gentle… A beautiful gift for a beautiful woman.

2. Rug for Nursery

A little baby will be able to have more space for action! And the mother will be sure in the safety of her child, as a high quality rug for nursery will guarantee a total defense from any colds, dirties, and occasional pain.

PAGISOFE Soft Room Rug

PAGISOFE Soft Room Rug
Feel a true softness with this pretty little rug! Your beloved people will be happy to have and to use it every single day in future!

3. Bonsai

All the greens are the symbols of the life. Your close woman just gave one to a little human, so why do not you present a little green life imbodiment to her?

Brussel’s Green Mound Juniper Bonsai – Small

Bonsai is a strong tree that experiences a lot of pressure and deformations to become a creature of beauty. By presenting this thing, you imply that your close friend or relative is a strong woman, who is able to stay pretty and full of life in any circumstances.

Birthday Gifts for New Moms

1. Water Garden

Water gardens are the tiny ecosystems. Such a garden can become a real miracle in a house and a nice example for a child, saying that everything is connected in the world. Of course, the baby’s parents will explain this in future, when a kid will be ready to understand such information.

Back to the Roots Water Garden

Buying this, you get everything needed, including a coupon for a fish, fish food, natural fertilizer, a silent, submersible water pump, gravel, and grow-stones. A young mother will be able to grow not only her child, but also a small world inside of a water tank. A double happiness!

2. Sunrise Alarm Clock

To wake up properly is an action of significant importance. Grant a young mother a calm and relaxed waking up with a contemporary alarm clock!

Philips Wake-up Light with Sunrise Simulation

It looks like a real Sun! Such an alarm clock will help a new mother to sleep well and wake up as it is recommended to be energized for all day long, and be ready to spend this energy with her kid.

3. Fitness Tracker

Today fitness tracker is not considered as a gift to shame a person with no attention to trainings; moreover, now it is just a cool present for one, who cares about the health, so if you decide to buy a tracker for a young mother – be sure that she will be grateful for this.

Fitness Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor Activity Tracker with Connected GPS Tracker, Step Counter, Sleep Monitor

heart rate
This item is able not only to count the number of steps that are made by its owner, but also to track daily steps, calorie consumed, and monitor continuous heart rate. It is able even to show the notifications of the incoming calls and messages (supports both, Android and iOS). A magical gift!

Gifts for New Mother After Birth

1. Aquarium

What can be better than water with bright and sparkling fish inside of it? We suppose – nothing. So check this wonderful aquarium, that we have found to be the best as a gift for a young mom!

Tetra 1.8 Gallon Waterfall Globe Aquarium Kit

This is a thing that combines two – an aquarium and a tiny waterfall. It looks amazing, sounds relaxing and adds a bit of calming sophistication to an interior. Stunning!

2. Skin Care Set

You should not present skin care products, if you are not sure in positive reaction on such gifts; however, it is still one of the best things to get to a woman for any event.

Derma Roller Skin Care Set Bundle

Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid are the elements that we need constantly after the age of 20-25 (depends on the skin type). This chic skin care bundle set is aimed ad enrichment and pampering the skin of any age and state, so it will come in handy to any lady.

3. Food Processor

A simple, but still useful gift that will ease a lot of processes in a kitchen. It is classics, so do not think a lot, if decided to present this – you will help the whole family to simplify the day-to-day routines.

Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor, with Bowl Scraper

Chopping and pureeing are not the problematic processes anymore! This mechanical helper will do everything for us, shredding and slicing everything perfectly. An ideal example of the technical progress!

Gift for New Mom from Husband

1. Hanging Chair

Women give the children to men – and, happily, the majority of men are grateful for these miracles. We offer you three the most unique gifts for a young mother from a husband, like a hanging chair, that will delight every member of the family and will help to lull an infant.

Hanging Chair for Reading/Leisure

There are no words to describe this fantastic thing! Just imagine, how pleasing it will be, to sit there keeping a baby in the hands… Husbands, take this item for a spin!

2. Fujifilm Mini Camera

Even if your family already has a good camera, this little and light item will ease the capturing the baby’s moments anywhere and anytime.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera

Probably, everyone knows, what a Fujifilm Camera can do. Small, fast, easy-to-carry and providing the atmospheric photos. Make the life of your wife brighter and save your memories for the future with this wonderful invention.

3. Necklace

One of the easiest ways to glad your woman is jewelry. However, if it is a special necklace, saying something unique and heartfelt – your wife will be touched to the core and forget about the huge jewelry collection that she already has.

“I Love U to the Moon & Back” Heart Pendant Necklace

Saying “I love you” is one of the most beautiful things in the world. This feminine silver heart will remind your wife that you love her to the Moon and back every single day. Just remember to keep saying that, even if she’s wearing your gift from dusk till dawn.
P.S. The necklace goes in a gift box!

Unique Presents for New Mother

1. Juice Extractor

A juice extractor as a gift will say that you with only the healthiest life to your close persons. Fresh juices every day will keep them strong and active in any situation – and this is the best possible gift for the beloved ones.

Hamilton Beach 67601A Big Mouth800 Watt Juice Extractor

Get any juice you want in seconds! This stainless steel juice extractor will provide the whole family with the huge pack of the needed vitamins, just “insert the strainer and lock on the lid with the clips, and add the pulp bin”, as the Hamilton Beach company says.

2. Infuser Water Bottle

Another thing that is highly recommended to be in a house is an infuser water bottle (as well as recommended to be presented for an important event).

OMorc 32oz/900ml Sport Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

This large but lightweight water infuser will save the health from the lack of vitamins. It is leak-proof, toxin-free, shatter-resistant and impact-resistant, so one can be sure that all the fruits and infused water are kept in total safety in this bottle!

3. Baby Bottles Set

Someone says that it is incorrect to get such things to new mothers, as they decide the way they will feed their baby by their own. If you have discussed this issue with a young mom – then we advise you to set your sights on this baby bottle.

Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle

Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle
The Philips Avent company provides us with the unusual baby bottles for the babies, and assures that the nipple-shaped top helps to feed a child in the most natural way, if a mother does not want or has no possibility to feed him/her by her own. An ideal thing for a newborn!

Good Gifts for New Mommy

1. Swaddles

Some people consider swaddling to be a bit old thing, but it is still alive “technique”, and is still useful. A good set of swaddles can come in handy for a young couple, who became the parents of a little cutie!

SwaddleMe Pod 2-PK, Baby Bows (NB)

Swaddles prevent the startle reflex that can wake a child and increase the mother’s chances to have a proper sleep. The nights, full of relax and calming dreams – what can be better gift, than this?

2. Baby Blankets

A soft and high quality baby blanket can seem to be too simple gift to present this, but the blanket we offer to you is a bit different than the other similar items on Amazon.

Personalized Baby Blankets

Personalized Baby Blankets
This personalized baby blanket is as cute, as a baby, isn’t it? The water based print will last for years, so the parents will be able to show this softie to their child, when he/she grows up.

3. Baby Hand and Footprint Frame

Photos can contain a lot; however, foot and handprints can allow to keep much more. Time pass and our memory gets old, and, fortunately, such creative things help us remember everything for all our lives and the lives of our children.

Premium Baby Hand and Footprint Frame Kit by 2 Little Bears

Premium Baby Hand and Footprint Frame Kit by 2 Little Bears
This clean and minimalistic frame will match any interior, and in spite of its simple design, it will trigger the tears of happiness and highly positive emotions.

Great Postpartum Gifts

1. Diaper Caddy

This caddy was chosen by Amazon, so we decided to ask you to familiarize yourself with this item closely and advise you to consider it as a great gift for a young mother.

Extra Large Diaper Caddy by Delaware Holly

Say good bye to the continuous number of bags – with this large caddy a new mummy will get 8 pockets for everything that she needs! More durable and solid seaming, light weight, unisex color – it is just perfect, ladies!

2. Baby Towels

The good towels are always needed, when it comes to the care of a newborn. However, every little detail should be chosen carefully, as harsh fabric or just improper one can damage the sensitive skin of a baby.

Organic Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel and Washcloth Set

Meet the set of the incredible towels for children! The towels are made of the safest, softest and cutest material ever. Do not believe that it is possible? Check it by your own!
P.S. A lot of customers have proven the quality and general look of this washcloth set!

3. Carseat Canopy

Take care of a little boy or girl and get him/her an appropriate defense from the harmful sun beams! Or just give them a possibility to sleep, being in a darkened corner.

Nursing Breastfeeding Cover Scarf

All the mothers will be happy to get this multi-use cover! It is unisex, simple and provides a baby with the full protection from bugs, dust, germs, bacteria, and pollen.

New Baby Present Ideas for Mom

1. Corner Protectors

Make a house of your friends safer with the corner protectors! We are sure that your female friend already has an idea of how to prevent her child from getting damaged at home, but there are never enough such things, believe us. They will come in handy.

Regionals Clear Corner Protectors

Almost invisible silicone corner protectors will suit any design, guaranteeing a kid a total freedom of moving! Now the mothers can sleep calmly, as they do not need to keep an eye constantly on their children (well, they should, but a little break is now possible). A small, but so thoughtful gift…

2. Outlet Plugs

Outlet plugs is the next thing that will be needed to prevent a child from hurt. It is so simple item but so ingenious that we have put it into our gift list too. Just in case.

Mommy’s Helper Outlet Plugs

Two seconds of installation – and a kid has no possibility to get an accidental shock. Electrical outlets will not damage anyone curious in the house! Even active child’s shaking will not move these tight plugs, so a young mother do not have to worry about the safety of her baby anymore.

3. Child Safety Lock

These curious cuties can stick their noses everywhere, so the main aim of the young parents is to protect a child from himself/herself. Of course, if a kid reveals the curiosity, it says that a brilliant mind grows in the house. However, it still can be too dangerous to allow this mind to do everything that he/she wants and open every single door. Child safely locks were designed to control the bursting of interest.

Multi-Purpose Baby Proof & Child Safety Lock

Guys from Regional Furniture company say without embarrassment that it is the America’s number one safety lock. These things are universal and can be put anywhere in a house. Even if a kiddo will understand how to unpin the lock – he/she will lack the finger strength to easily depress the buttons. Simple, but working!