Cute & Easy Teacup Floral Centerpieces

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We recently threw a first birthday party for my twin grandchildren, the theme was a take off on the children’s classic “Alice in Wonderland”.  We called it “Harper & Sadi’s Onederland”.

It was a good size party with almost 100 guests in attendance.  The tables were arranged in 3 long rows of 6′ tables, 5 tables to a row.  We needed centerpieces for them and decided we’d do I guess what you’d call “tablescapes” along each row; to accomplish this we made groupings of 3 theme related arrangements and scattered them down the tables.

One of the easiest ones we did were these teacup floral arrangements.  We used teacups we had in the kitchen and added to it with some bargains we found at Ross & TJMaxx.  We threw in a couple of teapots as well.

It doesn’t take a genius to stick flowers into a teacup, not does it take much time.  We were able to finish about 10 of them in less than an hour.  Since we put them together about 2 hours before the party and only needed them to last a few hours we didn’t bother to wire the flowers, but if you are going to make them earlier and need them to last longer you may want to wire each stem to keep them from drooping, but that will take more time.

These teacup arrangements will compliment almost any decor.  You can use them for just about any event, just change up the colors, flowers, and extra add ons like the hearts we used.  Since Halloween is coming up they’d be really cute in Halloween themed mugs with fall flowers such as Asters or Chrysanthemums, you could embellish it with a witch, pumpkin, or other Halloween ghoul or goblin.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own teacup arrangements and how to do it.


Teacups or mugs
Oasis Floral Foam
Floral Craft Wired Floral Picks (optional)
Pruning Snips
Craft Knife


1.  Cut Oasis Floral Foam  to fit snuggly into cups.

2.  Fit foam into cups making sure they sit inside tightly.  You don’t need to glue them.  If you’ve cut too small push in small pieces of foam until it’s snug.

3.  Add water to soak the foam.  If you’re transporting the flowers to the venue pour out excess water to avoid spilling.  You can always add more water when you get to your venue.

4.  Snip flowers to the height of the cup.

5.  If you will be wiring each stem wire them to the picks.

6.  Insert the cut stem with or without wire picks into the foam where you want each flower to be.

7.  Continue to insert flowers into the foam until you’ve filled the cup opening.

8.  Add any embellishments or favors such as heart picks, photos, etc.  If your photo or whatever you’re adding isn’t on a stick just tape it on to a bamboo skewer, chopstick, or lollipop stick.

You’re done!


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