Cute Easy Carrot Treat Cone Free Printable For Easter

Apr 5, 2023 | DIY Crafts, DIY Holiday Crafts, Easter

Who is ready for a straightforward Easter gift idea this year? Because it makes such a cute gift idea, I can’t wait to show you today’s free printable carrot treat cone. Additionally, it is affordable! For Easter gifts this year, simply print, assemble, and fill these carrot treat cones with treats. Get your printer set up, get a bag of Robin Eggs or Mighty Malt Eggs (my favorite), and start working on this adorable carrot cone treat for a gift today.

The Easter bunny isn’t the only one who likes carrots — your guests will too (well these carrot-shaped treat cones, anyway)!


Materials Needed To Make A Carrot Treat Cone:

  • carrot template
  • coffee filters
  • orange paper
  • double stick tape
  • green craft paint
  • twine
  • a clothespin
  • a wire hanger
  • paper towel and scissors



  1. Mix a few drops of green craft paint with water until it reaches the consistency of milk. Soak coffee filters in the paint mixture until fully saturated (you can do this several simultaneously).
  2. Squeeze out excess paint and lay the filters flat to dry on paper towels or hang them from a hanger with a clip or clothespin. Download our template and trace it onto orange paper.
  3. Cut out and roll the template into a cone shape, adhering the sides with double stick tape. Cut out the center of the painted coffee filters.
  4. Attach the remaining paper to the inside edge of the cone with double-stick tape. Fill the “carrot” cone with small treats and tie twine around the top to close.


That’s it, buddy. I promised you that making a carrot treat cone would be easy, didn’t I? If you want, you can give these as Easter treats to friends, neighbors, family, and even strangers. I hope this free printable is useful to you. Also, happy Easter to you!


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