Torta – Spanish Omelette

Torta – Spanish Omelette

Torta can be different things depending on the type of cuisine and if the dish is sweet or savory.  It can refer to a cake or tart in several countries including Italy, Spain, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.  In Mexico it’s a sandwich.  In both Spain and the Philippines it can be an omelette.  Confusing, I know.

Well since today I want to make Tapas the word Torta will refer to a Spanish Omelette.  Tapas play a big part in Spanish social life.   Tapas refer to appetizers or small sized dishes that are served as snacks with beer, wine, or cocktails.  Sort of what in Hawaii we call pupus.  I love having Tapas, it gives you a chance to sample many different things at a time.  When we’re in Spain we usually start the evening at a cafe where I can order a refreshing pitcher of Sangria and an array of Tapas.  Many times we make a whole meal out of all the Tapas we order.

At home I sometimes make an assortment of Tapas and call it dinner or I can put together a “Tapas Board” for casual entertaining.  Tapas can be just about anything, as long as it’s a small portion.

One of my favorite Tapas is Torta, that Spanish Omelette.  It’s probably one of the easiest omelettes to make, but unlike most breakfast omelettes where the filling is folded into scrambled eggs Torta fillings are actually cooked into the egg and it comes out looking like a pie which is then cut into wedges for serving.  Served with fresh bread it’s delicious.

Here’s how to make Torta at home.  It’s really easy and you probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen.  Remember you can serve it as an appetizer or make a larger version and serve it for breakfast or lunch.  You can even make it into a sandwich, placed in a baguette it’s delicious and filling!

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1 Potato – peeled and sliced very thin (I use a mandolin to slice it)

1/2 Onion thinly sliced

Olive Oil

2 Eggs beaten


Heat about 1 tsp. Olive Oil in a frying pan.

Add onions and potatoes.  Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly so it doesn’t burn.

Cook until onions start to caramelize or turn brown and the potatoes are soft.

Beat Eggs in a small bowl and add potato and onion mixture.  Stir well.

Add more Olive Oil to frying pan.  I use a 7″ pan to make this omelette if I’m making it for Tapas.

Pour egg mixture into pan.

Cook over medium low heat – you must cook this slowly to avoid burning the omelette.  Do not touch the omelette while it’s still liquidy.  The omelette will take on the shape of the pan.

Cook until the center is just about dry, it will still a bit soft in the center.

Gently separate the sides of the omelette from the pan.

Using 2 spatulas gently flip the omelette over.

Cook for about a minute then slip on to a serving dish.

Slice into wedges and serve.


Torta - Spanish Omelette
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Torta - Spanish Omelette
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