Hot PadsWell the new year is officially here.  At our house that means a year of events to look forward to.  But before I can start planning our next event I had to clean up and organize after a very busy holiday season.

My kitchen was a mess!  Specially this year when our refrigerator decided to go on the blitz on Christmas Eve.  We found ourselves shopping for a new fridge the day after Christmas, when did they get so expensive?

We found one at the Home Depot who delivered it to our home the day after New Year.  This gave me enough time to clean and organize my kitchen with time to spare.  I figured our new state of the art 30 cu. ft. LG fridge equipped with all the bells and whistles called for new and fresh kitchen accessories to go with the Nesspresso machine, pasta machine, silverware, and other kitchen gadgets I got for Christmas.  So what could I make?

I had made several sets of these colorful trivets or hot pads to give friends for Christmas, but I didn’t make any for myself.  Now that I had a bit of spare time I decided I should make a set or two for myself.  I love this design, the ring makes for easy storage.  You can hang them on a hook, a cabinet or drawer pull, or even on the faucet if you choose to use them as dish cloths.  Best of all they’re super easy to make, each one took me less than an hour!  The shower curtain ring covered in yarn keeps these trivets neat and handy.  Make some for yourself or to give as gifts.  They make great hostess and house warming gifts!

I’m giving you directions for 2 versions of the same pad, one is done using HDC (pictured above) the other is a front post HDC (pictured below).  Either one is cute and easy.


#4 yarn in cotton or material you prefer in the color or colors you prefer
Hook Size J 6.00mm
Plastic shower curtain ring – you can pick up a set at Walmart for under $2.  You can get any color, but I prefer the clear ones.   This set just needs one ring, you can save the others for other projects.


Ch – chain
Sl St – slip stitch
SC – single crochet
HDC – half double crochet


Magic ring – Ch 1

36 SC in the circle.  Pull tight and Sl St to first SC.

Row 1:  Ch 2 (counts as 1st. HDC), HDC in next 4 sts, 3 HDC in next st, HDC in next 5 sts, Ch 2, turn (13 HDC)

Row 2:  HDC in next 6 sts (until you reach the middle of the 3 HDC point in row 1, this is your increase point), HDC in each st to end of row 1, Ch 2, turn (15 HDC)

Row 3 – 20:  Repeat row 2 increasing 2 HDC for each row when you make 3 HDC at the increase point which is the middle of the 3 HDC in the previous row.

If you want a smaller pad you don’t have to make 20 rows, just make less rows.  For longer pad continue pattern until you reach your desired length.  You can also change yarn at the end of any row if you want a striped design.

At the end of your last row DO NOT fasten off and continue on to the edging.


SC around the entire work including the ring at the top.  Work 3 SC at the increase point of the last row and in each corner.  Fasten off and weave ends in.


Hot Pad

Shower Curtain Ring

Tie yarn at one end of the shower curtain ring.  Tie it on the ring itself, not the part where it latches.  Leave that yarn free for easier opening and closing of the ring.

SC around the entire ring to the other end.  Work SC in the ring like you are working a magic ring.  Push stitches together as you work to make them tighter. The idea is to leave no gaps so you can’t see the ring.
Fasten off and weave in ends.



Hot Pads






This version uses the same pattern just a different stitch.  To get the ridge you will work the entire pad using a front post HDC.



FPHDC Version:

If you’re not familiar with front post stitches here’s a video tutorial from

To make this version follow the pattern above, but instead of HDC make the stitches FPHDC (front post half double crochet).  End each row with and HDC.