Crocheted Holiday Mason Jar Lid Covers – Free Pattern

Dec 23, 2015 | Corner, DIY Crafts, DIY Holiday Crafts | 0 comments

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I’d make my Sweet & Salty Party Mix to give out as gifts to friends and neighbors.  I packaged them up in quart size Mason jars but I felt they lacked a little Christmas cheer.

So I made up these Holly Berry lid covers to add that festive touch.  These covers are so easy to make, it didn’t take me long to crochet a dozen.



I used scrap ribbon and twine to make the ties.  Now I just have to add the tag!

These lid covers can be made to fit any holiday or occasion just by changing the applique.

Hook size H 5.00 mm

Hook size F 3.75mm (for holly applique)
Yarn – main color (white or tan), green, red
Yarn needle
Ribbon or twine


Ch – chain
Sl St – slip stitch
Sc – single crochet
Hdc – Half double crochet
Dc – Double crochet
Tc – treble crochet

Lid Cover: ch 1 at beginning of each round does not count as a stitch

Ch 4 sl st to first ch to form ring

Rd. 1:  ch 1, 6 sc inside ring, join (6 sc)

Rd. 2:  ch 1, 2 sc in each st around, join (12 sc)

Rd. 3:  repeat rd. 2 (24 sc)

Rd. 4:  ch 1, *2 sc in next st, sc in next 2 sts*, repeat ** around, join (32 sc)

Rd. 5:  ch 1, * 2 sc in next st, sc in next 3 sts*, repeat ** around, join (40 sc)

Rd. 6:  ch 1, sc in each st BACK LOOPS only (40 sc)

Rd. 7:  Ch 4 ( counts as 1 TC & 1 ch), Tc in next st, ch 2, *skip next 2 sts, Tc in next 2 sts, ch 2*,  repeat ** around, join to 2nd. ch of ch 4 at beginning of round.  (10 ch 2 spaces)

Rd. 8:  ch 1, sc in each st and each ch 2 space, join.  Fasten off and weave in ends (30 sc)

Thread ribbon or twine between ch spaces you made in round 7.  Tie with bow.  Sew on holly applique

Holly Applique – use F hook

Ch 11

Sc in 2nd. chain on the foundation, Hdc in next st, Picot in next st (Dc, chain 2, sc in 2nd. chain from hook), Dc in next st, Hdc in next st, Picot in next st, Dc in next st, Hdc in next st, sc in next st, Mini Picot in last chain of the foundation (Sl St, chain 2, sc in 2nd. chain from hook) – One side of the foundation chain is complete, rotate work so you can work on the other said of the foundation chain.

Repeat the pattern above starting with an Sc in the next chain.  Fasten off leaving tail for sewing leaves together.

Sew at the bottom of the leaves, position leaves at a bit of an angle, the bottom part should overlap just a bit.

Berries – make 3 red berries

Ch 6

Sc in 2nd. chain from hook, hdc in next st, dc in next st, hdc in next st, sc in last st, fasten off leaving tail for sewing.

Using needle insert into the 2nd sc you made, roll up and stitch into next crochet stitch, work piece in to a ball shape by weaving the needle in and around the other stitches and around the sides of the piece.  When you have the ball pull yarn tight and sew on top of the leaves.

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