Baby Shark was a big deal with my 2 year old grandson.  He watched videos and sang the song until it drove the household mad!  Of course he doesn’t live with me so I found the whole thing amusing and adorable; not sure I’d find it enjoyable at my house all day everyday.  But that’s why I’m Nana, not Mama as he calls my daughter.

One of the best things about being a Nana is that the grands go home when they get cranky.  The next best thing is that Nana gets to buy and make them all sorts of stuff without having to worry about where to put them, that’s their parents problem!

So of course I just had to make Jaxon a Baby Shark blanket.  I just knew he’d love it.  And he did!

For this project I decided I’d make “wavy” squares in a couple of shades of blue.  I sewed on these cute baby shark appliqués which I made using the free pattern from Olya T Comfy Crochet.

Making the sharks was easy and fun, the blocks not so fun.  I think next time I’ll use a solid granny square using this free pattern from Si Nanay Madel.

The wavy blocks are really just rows of a shell stitch border.  You’lll find the free patter for the border here on the Spruce Crafts.

To make them into squares you start with a chain stitch that are multiples of 6 plus 1:  31, 37, 43, etc.

I made 38 chains. Starting on the 2nd chain from the hook work the shell stitch pattern to the end.  Chain 2 and turn.  Work the pattern on every row until the rows equal the measurement of the square across.  This gets sort of confusing because you may not achieve a perfect square.

That’s why next time I’m making it with granny squares!

Anyway make as many squares to make a blanket in the size you want.  Stitch the blocks together then start on the sharks.

Then make the sharks.  The pattern is the same just the yarn colors are different.  Yellow for Baby Shark, Blue for Daddy Shark, Pink for Mommy Shark, Orange for Granny Shark, and Green for Granpa Shark.

Once you have all the sharks you want just stitch them on to the blocks.  I only made 1 set of sharks but you can make as may as you want.

Shark Pattern click here!

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