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Within the past years I started hearing more and more about subscription mystery boxes. Specifically a friend of mine told me about Cricut, which inspired me to do a little research. What is this thing called Cricut? And where do I get one? When I took to the interwebs, I was a little overwhelmed. Just do a quick Google search for “Cricut Mystery Box ” and check out all the different options that come up. Actually – save yourself some time, and check out!

Each month Cricut puts a Mystery Box for sale on it’s shop, it is not a subscription. It will have a surprise assortment of items that is different each month. It can have a wide range of items from Cricut’s stock. You may receive items not specific to paper crafts or items for older Cricut machines.

Usually around the middle of the month, but… it varies. Subscribe to our mailing list to get Cricut Mystery Box Announcements and Videos and you will hear about it right from as as soon as we know it’s available!